Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wonder Woman #22 Review

Blind Date

Written by: Greg Rucka
Art by: Mirko Aldolfo, Romulo Fajardo Jr and Jodi Wynne
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: May 10, 2017

With Greg Rucka leaving Wonder Woman after issue #25, I am interested to see how naturally he ends both "Godwatch" and "The Truth".  I guess "ends" is not the right word..."combines" may be more appropriate.  I have loved the Year One/Godwatch story and the last couple of issues have really tied into what we are seeing in the present in a way that makes both stories stronger.  So, do we get even more of that awesomeness as Rucka's run nears it's end?  Let's find out...

The issue opens at a Bachelor/Bachelorette auction for the Amnesty Trust and while that sounds like a good setup to a fun issue, the fact that Diana is up for auction makes it better.  That's not the best part, though, as Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor get involved in a biding war that only ends when a third party blows them out of the water and wins the date.  The winner...Veronica Cale!

There is no beating around the bush and Veronica demands the date start that instant.  It's a bit of an awkward start as the two women eat dinner and show each other how much they know about each other and that means Wonder Woman knowing about Team Poison and what Veronica has been doing.

That leads to the continuation of a crazy first date as Wonder Woman helps take down some revenge seeking thugs out to kill Veronica and then calls it a night.  As we continue, we see that Veronica was up to other things than a date (go figure!) and the issue ends with Wonder Woman showing up with some questions and a major threat.

This was a fun issue that seemed less important than anything we've gotten in Godwatch up to this point.  The issue doesn't push the overall story forward much, but does fill in some blanks.  It is the first real meeting with Veronica Cale and Wonder Woman and that's worth something, right.

 Mirko Aldolfo steps in for Bilquis Evely and while the art starts out strong, it starts to struggle about halfway through.  When it's good, though, it has a Legend of Wonder Woman feel to it which I love, I just wish it lasted the entire issue.  In a book that has featured some of the best art in Rebirth, this was disappointing.

Bits and Pieces:

Wonder Woman #22 started out fun, but after seeing the first meeting of Wonder Woman and Veronica Cale, it falls a bit flat.  The art was just okay and while I didn't hate what we got here, I expected more coming so close to the end of Greg Rucka's run on this book.



  1. While I agree that issue was a bit down, I'm happy to see Wondy actually involved with the plot of Godwatch story for once. It really feels like she's been out of focus and not even the main character of her own book.

    1. that is true, but I think Rucka leaving the book made him have to stretch both stories and extra issue or so