Monday, July 10, 2017

Daredevil #23 Review - Marvel Monday

Supreme Pizza With Nothing On It

Written by: Charles Soule
Art by: Alec Morgan
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 5, 2017

The most important court case of Matt Murdock's career is under way and it continues here. Issue 21 had me super excited for the court case. Unfortunately, the court case in Ish 22 was completely lack luster and boring. Please join me to see if the Appeals court is any more interesting.

The cliffhanger ending at the end of last issue had us finding out the Kingpin was not pleased with the results of Slug's court case. Matt won and Daredevil was able to testify without having to remove his mask. It intrigued me enough to go to my LCBS and buy the Kingpin five issue mini. The mini started interesting but then floundered. I wish I hadn't wasted my money. Because it's obvious Soule didn't bother reading it either. In this issue Tombstone and Wesley, the Kingpin's right hand man, do not seem to act like they even know each other. Tombstone was a main player in 4 of the 5 issues of the Kingpin mini. With that said on with this piece of shit...oops not really burying the lead there.

First off my biggest complaint of Soule's run on Daredevil is the art team is changing to much. I like Sudzka and Garney as pencilers, but it doesn't seem either of them can do a full arc without a fill in artist as of late. And every replacement is a jarring replacement. This one is the worst one yet.

Matt Milla you are a great team player and a great color artist, but even you can't fix the bland awkward napkin sketches Alec Morgan mailed in.

We open with Kingpin hitting a punching bag in a warehouse with someone watching and a camera recording. We find out it is LEGAL (it says it right there in big letters in the panel) in the warehouse with Fisk. Legal is applying for a job. Even though he seems like the best attorney money can buy. He was Tony Stark's lead attorney. Who has never lost a case. Fisk called him here to this empty warehouse to interview him. So he can do an appeal case for Slug. Never mind there are specialty lawyers for Appeals cases, and this case is up for its 2nd appeal in what seems like a month which is impossible especially in Manhattan, New York of all places but I will go with it. Fisk asks Legal what makes him so important/better then every lawyer out there. He basically answers back I Am Legal.

Meanwhile we find out that the camera is for Tombstone's eyes and ears. As he sits in a room with Wesley. Tombstone is curious why he is here. Wesley tells him he is PLAN B. (Remember this PLAN B not PLAN A. PLAN B as in after A)

Kingpin and Legal talk shop about the case. As Fisk continues to punch the bag till it bleeds. Then Fisk hires Legal.

Next we get Matt Murdock in the Lawyer bar talking to Jennifer Walters A.K.A. She-Hulk and lawyer extraordinaire. They are talking the case sort of. It is mainly recap. She acknowledges that Legal is on the case and Matt should worry. At least Jen notices a very top notch lawyer from New York and pays attention to it. I can not say the same about Matt.

And then PLAN B shows up. That's right PLAN A is the lawyer Legal. I was assuming that if Legal was loosing they would send in Tombstone for PLAN B. Nope Tombstone is here to kill Matt before the appeal. Which solves nothing. If Matt dies the case still happens. It may have less of a chance, but my point is B doesn't come before fucking A. Except here, where Tombstone tries killing Matt and She-Hulk stops him in 9 pages of awful art meant to inspire interest in the She-Hulk book...Epic Fail.

Two weeks later we are in the court room with Legal giving his oral arguments for the appeal. His arguments seem extremely weak. Considering Slug tried to blow up City Hall. Which I am certain they would have him on camera in that area of town. Plus he held people at gun point at his first trial. The noose is Matt Murdock is up next for oral arguments...nail biter.

Bits and Pieces:

Absolutely nothing happens in this issue worth reading. Fisk hires a lawyer the end. The art was painful to look at.


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