Monday, July 10, 2017

Marvel Madness Comics Podcast Episode 10

Ep #10: Avengers, Spider-Man Master Plan, All-New Wolverine, & Deadpool Kills / Marvel Madness Comics Podcast


10th Episode Anniversary Special: The Marvel Madness Comics Podcast is back for a tenth week ... the haters said we'd never make it but B.Mur, Carl, and Trevitt bring you FOUR new releases this week from the Marvel Comics release schedule of 7/5. We kick off July with B.Mur behind on life, by keeping Carl up late, and preventing Trevitt from seeing Spider-Man Homecoming a third time. While all that occurs we discuss whether or not you should BUY, BARROW, or FORGET the following titles:

Avengers #9
Spider-Man: Master Plan #1
All-New Wolverine #22
Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe #1

Plus: Trevitt continues the hunt for news about what Marvel Legacy actually is, a P.S.A. from Deadpool, a Get Swifty break, and the Midpoint Marvelous Facts feat. Crime Master and Jane Foster, finally things get wrapped up with the guys discussing Spider-Man Homecoming at the end (so skip the end if you havent seen it yet minor SPOILERS) 

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