Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Everafter #11 Review

He Needed the Money

Written by: Dave Justus
Art by: Travis Moore
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 5, 2017
Review by: Travis Laborde  

Well, the cover makes it look like we're back to the "bloody eyed ghost" story...  Maybe that means we can one day get back to the other main story too!?!?  Did the kids escape?  Is the whole "school in a cube" thing over?  Will the art continue to be the only thing worth having?  Let's find out!

Right from the start we see the school is still in the cube.  The frog thinks that it has been decades inside and that time is starting to move even faster in there.  He's having trouble keeping up.

Then it shifts to the bloody eyed ghost story.  The Tanner woman is on the ground face down but Peep and .. I forget his name.. the asshole I think?  pull her out of the room and call in.  Smoking man boss says to get her out of there....

Peep and Tanner leave while asshole flirts with and fights the ghost woman.  We see the goat heads still chasing :)

Then we see "player two" (I have forgotten his name) at Tanner's house looking around.. no signs of trouble or alarms he says.. but we see something in the shadows watching him.

There is some great art while asshole fights the bloody eye ghost.  All the while trying to get some advice from base how to defeat her.   By describing her, they figure out she is La Lalorna and... he needs to GTFO before she kills him :)  and... it looks like he doesn't make it... I wish anyway.  

Player two finds the stash where the kids stole stuff from Tanner...  He calls in that there is enough in there to destroy the planet...  he's afraid to even touch it.  Feathertop (smoking man) orders him to just destroy it all if he can't carry it out.

and...   asshole is begging for help..  Bleeding eye ghost is tearing him up.  HQ is trying to find how to help him.  And they do.  They show him who to become an illusion of.. that's his power I recall.. and what to say to her... so she decides not to kill him.

And a nice twist to an ongoing mystery...  It appears Bo Peep and her BF.. "Player Two" I forget his name.. are linked.  when she gets hurt, HE feels the pain?  so while the goat heads are attacking and biting her, she doesn't even feel it, but HE does...  and he's coming to help because she's getting overwhelmed. when the thing in the shadows attacks him.

I really liked it :)

Bits and Pieces:

I give this an 8.5 rating because while the art was great, it wasn't as great as I know Travis Moore CAN do, but it didn't have to be.  The story was pretty good on its own.  I liked it a lot!


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