Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Injustice 2 #14 Review and **Spoilers**

Wedding Crashers

Writer: Tom TaylorArtist: Bruno RedondoPublisher: DC ComicsRelease Date: July 11, 2017Cover Price: $0.99

With the previous issue having a lot of setup, with a fair amount of darkness thrown in as expected from Tom Taylor’s Injustice series, I’m going into this issue expecting a quick and action packed read. With Damien up to some dark and nefarious business at the Wayne mansion and the rest of Ra’s’ team looking to crash Dinah and Ollie’s wedding I really just can’t see the issue going any other direction from this point. Find out after the jump just what goes down and my thoughts on the whole ordeal.

We jump into this issue immediately where we left off with Bruce under the gun as Damian looks to make an escape with Alfred’s body. There’s some small talk but Bruce quickly takes off looking to call Barbara with a warning. Sadly, the warning is not quick enough or Barbara isn’t quick enough to react, but soon enough Katana, Man-Bat, and Ivy come crashing through the church’s stained glass.

Orca, Croc, Captain Cold and Cheetah are quick to follow into the church as Ollie ends up taking a shot, though it’s not exactly clear from who. It seems as if it’s meant to be Cold shooting him, but Cold is shown to be shooting his cold guns. At the same time Bruce is shown to take a shot in the hand as he’s calling in his Bat-Wing.

The issue is off to a fast and furious start as we’re over halfway through the issue. The art on the shot Ollie takes throws me off a bit, but it doesn’t seem to be too important. Damian seems pretty set in what he has planned, which we can only assume involves a pit, and really seems to be going the way of being irredeemable.

Ollie is shown to be wearing a bulletproof suit as he shakes it off and advises Black Lightning to get the kids out of there. They don’t make it too far before Jefferson takes a boomerang to the back of the head and the kids get taken by Deadshot. We get a quick glimpse of Harley, as he stops Boomerang from killing Jefferson, as they teleport out with Batman showing up. This then leads to a scene in the end that isn’t all that unexpected with the way things have been laid out.

Overall there isn’t a whole lot to really discuss about the issue. It was exactly what I went into the issue expecting, and it wasn’t disappointing in the slightest. If anything I was possibly a little let down by the Damian plot line from last issue leading to the most obvious conclusion, but there’s only so many ways it could really go in the first place. Between that and the part with Ollie taking the ambiguous shot, I don’t have too many complaints.

Bits and Pieces:

All action and little talk make this a quick and fun read. The action isn’t as big as it possibly could have been, but it was a small glimpse of action to come that served as necessary setup.


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