Monday, July 24, 2017

Luke Cage #3 Review - Marvel Monday

Power Man Go Home

Written by: David F. Walker
Art by: Nelson Blake II
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 19, 2017
Review by: Aaron Anderson

David F. Walker continues his tail, twisted with Power Man's past and his compromised future. Hopefully we can all get on the trolley and move this story along. Because last issue felt like it dragged a little. Let us just hope it's not the trolley on the cover being punched to a screeching halt.

We open in New Orleans months ago with Warhawk trying to explain his psychosis to Dr. Burstein. Mitchell Tanner ever since his transformation ,at the hands of Dr. Burnstein, into a man with skin made out of bluish silver steel. He has had anger issues to say the least. He explains, in a broken slow speech pattern, that the only time he can be focused/not confused and act with certainty is when he is angered and killing.

Warhawk expresses remorse for this compulsion he wishes to stop. At the same time Dr.Burstein also expresses his remorse for turning Mitchell into this killing machine. The good doctor also states his desire and intent to help Tanner with his issues. Basically we are witnessing Walker's transformation of Warhawk the villain into Warhawk the anti-hero. I personally have no attachment to Warhawk's past so I have no problem with this new development in the character.

We then jump back to the "Now" where we left our characters last issue. Outside crime boss Corello's house where his son Frankie had injected himself with a bad batch of "calming agent" that Dr. Mornay had just whipped up. Frankie than in complete spazz-out mode decided  to throw his father through a window and into the windshield of Warhawk's car as Tanner and Luke just arrived to rescue Dr. Mornay. When Luke and Mitchell get out of the car to try to figure out how this corpse appeared. Frankie immediately attaches catching them off guard. As Warhawk and Cage try to go on the offensive the rest of the Corello gang also jump into the fray making matters worse.

Warhawk is trying to get retribution for his messed up car. He is focused on kicking Frankie's ass. While Luke concentrates on the normal humans. Which is probably for the best since he can show restraint. One of the thugs brought the steel skin slicing sword from the first issue. Luke defends using a car door shield. Then attacks by throwing what is left of the door taking out the baddie. The sword lands close to Warhawk and Frankie. Allowing Frankie to plunge it deep into Warhawk's chest. Mitchell being a badass is able to pull the sword from his chest cavity and decapitate Frankie as he turns to attack Luke, much to the dismay of Luke.

We then jump to awhile later. The police are trying to put the pieces together of what happened at the Corello residence and one cop is on the take. He is explaining over the phone to Cyril Morgan ( the creepy rich guy from the first iss.) that the FBI has taken over the investigation. Any evidence they find leading back to Cyril is out of his hands. This prompts Cyril to take action on the nuisances Luke and Warhawk. To do that he is going to need help. Good thing he knows more people that Dr. Burstein turned indestructible. The gang Warhawk introduced to Luke in the first issue.

Meanwhile at Dr. Burstein's old lad Luke and Dr. Mornay are trying to fix Warhawk. Dr. Mornay stabilizes Mitchell and then Luke starts grilling her about everything. It is then a mysterious man steps from the shadows to explain.

Bits and Pieces:

The momentum defiantly amped up this issue Things are falling into place neatly but pretty predictably. The fight scene was good but suffered slightly, in my opinion, to the over writing. There was this Luke Cage inner monologue going through the whole fight that was totally unnecessary.


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