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Marvel Monday's Marvelous Covers - Week of July 19, 2017

Marvel Monday’s Marvelous Covers of the Week – July 19, 2017

We’re back again with some Marvelous covers for you to glance through this week with a bunch of recommendations from some Get Fresh Crew members to boot!   With a glut of Comic-Con news coming out over the last few days you may have missed a few of these standout covers this week that come along with some hard hitting art analysis from yours truly so jump in and find out what’s what.

Luke Cage #3 (GFC Suggestion) 
Cover Artist: Rahzzah
Luke Cage in full Power Man mode putting a stop to bad guys trying to escape on a train.  You know they’re bad guys because unless you’re in the movie Kill Bill only bad guys carry ninja swords … its science.

Deadpool Kills the Mavel Universe Again #2 (GFC Suggestion)
Cover Artist: Dave Johnson
Well this is quite the predicament … we have poor Spider-Man, my personal favorite, being stabbed to death via his very own ‘Spider-Sense’.  Somewhere Alanis Morrissett is smiling over the irony.

Dr. Strange  #23 (GFC Suggestion)
Cover Artist: Niko Henrichon
Well this looks like an uneasy alliance to say the least. Pro Tip for Dr. Strange don’t turn your back to Kingpin always keep your Eye of Agamotto on him.

Mighty Thor # 21

Cover Artist: Russell Dauterman

Well say what you will about Marvel taking all their characters and changing them around in some way, shape, or form but there is no denying how bad ass Jane Foster Thor looks on each and every cover.  I am out of jokes for the week … SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!

Thats all for this week peeps. Remember to hollar at @bmur3660 on Twitter or find me in the GFC Slack chat and tag me so I can get your suggestions for Marvel Monday Marvelous Covers of the week. 

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