Saturday, July 29, 2017

Plastic #4 Review

Writer: Doug WagnerArtist: Daniel Hillyard, Laura MartinPublisher: Image ComicsRelease Date: July 26, 2017Cover Price: $3.99

Last time in Plastic our main character got a sidekick, a bad guy turned into more of a bad guy, and we get a little more background on “Momma”. The series to this point has been enjoyable in a screwed up comedy kind of way. Besides that though I just keep wanting more. I’m not in this book for some kind of screwed up revenge story, I want to figure out more about this character and more about his history. At this point I’m wondering if we will get that at all. Find out if I get any of this in the current issue, and what I thought about it, after the jump.

This issue ends up being a lot of revenge fodder, that gets us not much more than a little bit closer to our main characters final target. It starts off with his new found sidekick asking if he should do this and is then told to stay in the car. After which we find ourselves in a cabin with a round of assholes playing cards while being extremely homophobic. It’s just an annoying unneeded reminder that these asshole characters are just a little bit more asshole-ish. Which really isn’t needed, because they’re the bad guys, this killer is going to kill them regardless of what they’re currently doing. He’s on a path of revenge to get his doll back and that’s all there really needs to be to it. For some reason though, it keeps on insisting to us that these guys are assholes and possibly deserve their fate. I just don’t think that’s really necessary in the story we have been given to this point.

After our main character lays out some macabre justice, and he conveniently finds some plastic explosives, he’s left with one last asshole for him to seek information from. As he starts to dispatch the last remaining asshole our sidekick walks in. Edwyn seems put off by this as he seems to see it as an innocent, or some kind of analogue to his love, getting a look at his dark side. He’s reassured that it’s fine but it seems to turn into a relationship of if Edwyn really wants to do this and if his sidekick can stay on to help. It’s a bit annoying as it’s mostly just retread and ultimately doesn’t matter too much to this point.

We next get a bit of a montage of characters out and about and seemingly Edwyn looking to set up his final plot on this plan of revenge before it leads to the point where it all began.

Overall I was mostly frustrated with this issue. I had the same problem in the last issue where the sheriff had to be shown to be bad above and beyond what has already been shown. I really don’t need justification in my psychotic dark humor revenge story, showing them to be above and beyond assholes is just pedantic and unneeded. On top of this we get a retread of a past conversation that once again hints at more issue but once again doesn’t add anything to it. This story is heading to an end but seems to be little story and more revenge fantasy with hints of story we’ll never get.

Bits and Pieces:

Retread and unneeded justification makes this a frustrating read that ultimately felt like revenge porn filler.


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