Friday, July 28, 2017

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Things from SDCC

Welcome to another conventional edition of Top 5 Fridays. Well, that special time of year has come and gone like a feather on the wind. That time I'm referring to is the time of San Diego Comic Con. Trailers and comic announcements flood the internet to the masses and people like us indulge it all. Granted this year didn't seem as explosive as previous, we managed to get a few good announcements from DC, ranging from movies to cartoons to comics. Today, I'll be going over the announcements and updates that piqued my interest over Comic Con weekend. As always, this is an opinion based list, so if you don't see something you like, I apologize! With the formalities out of the way, let's get started!

5: Doomsday Clock Update

This story is what so many of us were hoping for when we first saw that smiley button in the Rebirth special. The legendary Watchmen universe and DC Universe will collide for the first time and will shake up the status quo forever. We learned in the update that Superman and Manhattan will take center stage, but will not fight the Justice League. There will be characters from both universes interacting with one another, with classic DC characters returning to make appearances. This event sounds epic as hell...but also a bit scary. The thing that worries me the most about this was this quote that Geoff Johns said to artist Gary Frank: "‘I just have to pitch this to you, because I have this story, and the story is bigger than I thought it was, it’s different than I thought it was, it’s more risky than I thought it was.'” What could be so risky that Geoff Johns was questioning it? Well, we'll have to wait until November to find out.

4: Dark Knights and Dark Matter

One of the biggest story-arcs going on at the moment is Dark Nights: Metal. The story involves Batman and the Justice League preparing to combat an invasion from a 'dark multiverse,' which is being led by evil versions of Batman. We saw the shadowy silhouettes of these Batmen at the end of The Casing and if you thought they looked menacing as shadows, they're even more menacing when they were revealed. Ho-Lee Crap, do they look awesome and terrifying. Not only do they look awesome, but so do the cast of characters for the Dark Matter line of comics. As epic as all of this looks, I also worry that it won't sell well. I walk towards this event and the banner that follows hoping that there will be plenty of readers and interest to keep these new stories and characters alive and well.

3: The CWverse Trailers

The CWverse was left in some very dark places during their finales. In Supergirl, she was forced to send the man she loved into space after poisoning the air to his people. She's left more alone as EVERYONE around her found someone to love, even Martian Manhunter! In The Flash, the team beat Savitar, but without his position to fill the speed force prison, Barry has to take his place, leaving the rest of the team to take care of Central City in his place. In Legends, the team defeated the Legion of Doom but broke time in the process. Then there's Arrow, where Ollie was forced to watch ALL HIS LOVED ONES BLOW UP ON LIAN YU! There doesn't seem to be any happiness in the lives of our heroes of the small screen. In the four trailers released during SDCC,  we see each of the characters dealing with the aftermath. While Arrow and Supergirl seem to be walking a darker and deeper path, Flash and the Legends look like they will be returning to their colorful fun form. We'll just have to wait till October to find out if those promises ring true.

2: New Justice League Trailer

You were probably expecting this at number one, weren't you? Well while I found this trailer to be fantastic, I'm still worried about the movie as a whole. Batman v Superman wasn't the greatest movie, being extremely grim and depressing than how a superhero movie should be. Wonder Woman proved the DCEU had the capability to have that humor and hope along side the darker tones the movies previous had created. Now if you saw this trailer alone, you might think to yourself, "This looks nothing like Batman v Superman style-wise," to which I have to agree. After Zach Snyder had to leave production to deal with a family tragedy, Joss Whedon stepped in for post production, and the trailer really shows the change. Now let's hope this movie delivers what this trailer promises.

1: More DC Animated Movies

While there has only been one fantastic endeavor into the DCEU, there have been many great animated movies. Ten years and 29 movies later the DC Original Animated Movie series still holds strong in quality after all this time, with new movies coming out every year. At the premiere of Batman and Harley Quinn, DC announced the next three DC animated movies and to say that they are badass would be a HUGE understatement. First was the announcement of a Gotham by Gaslight movie, based on the legendary Elseworlds story of Batman taking on Jack the Ripper in Victorian England. The second announcement was for a new Suicide Squad animated movie taking place in the same continuity as the recent Justice League and Teen Titans animated movies. The final, and biggest, movie announced was a two part Death of Superman movie. "But didn't they already have a Death of Superman movie?" You're probably asking out loud. They did, but due to the time constraints and it being still a new form, it didn't capture the emotions the source material did. Now with ten years of practice, this is the second chance the story deserves. The only downside is that we have to wait till fall of next year to check it out. If it's as good as the source material, I suppose it's worth the wait.

That's it for this week's Top 5 Fridays! What was your favorite Comic Con announcement? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!

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