Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sisters of Sorrow #1 Review

Written by: Kurt Sutter and Courtney Alameda
Art by: Hyeonjin Kim, Jean-Paul Csuka and Jim Campbell

Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 19, 2017
Review by: Aaron Anderson

I have been branching out in my comic collecting lately. If the stories I am reading are not making me happy I will find some that will. When I was perusing the I came across this issue, Sisters of Sorrow. I didn't read any of the reviews just the scores and this one was really scoring high and had a cool cover and that was enough for me. Now let's see if the interior matches the drapes.

We open to a guy scaling a barrier wall into the alley of the Haven House for Survivors of Domestic Violence in Los Angles. The Janitor comes out with the nightly garbage and gets hit in the head with a shovel by the unknown assailant. Who is also carrying a pistol in his waist ban. The Janitor dies and his attacker takes his keys entering through the back.

In the woman's bathroom the traumatized victims of this facility get ready for bed. There is discussion of one girl's problems, Dominque. Her husband Penn goes on trial this week. Penn is a cop who ran Dominque off the road with their child in the car. Killing their baby girl.

I know that is pretty heavy, but I am condensing the story a little bit for easy of this review. It is explained really well and parceled out in bits of information so as to ease the discomfort of the reader. Who is taking in this whole horrible situation.

As the girls go to leave the loo they open the door to the menacing intruder, Leon. Leon is Alley's husband or rather soon to be ex-husband. He has come to bring Alley home. He fires into the door with his gun to gain entrance. After the girls had locked him out trying to bar his advances. His shots pierce the door killing Alley instantly who had knelt down on the other side of the door in panic.

In Leon's shock and remorse moment he drops the gun and Dominque and the other women attack. They put up a decent fight but Leon is to strong and quickly over powers them. Till he is shot in the head with his own gun. In an extremely graphic and satisfying panel. Leon is a piece of shit and deserved what he got in my opinion.

These women feel like they shouldn't have to deal with the consequences and I feel the same for them. Luckily one of the girls has a brother who is a cleaner or a fixer or just a bad guy that knows how to make bad situations disappear. Eli has everything cleaned up and moves the "situation" to the victims house and makes it look like a murder-suicide. He also instructs the girls on what to say to the cops. They get away with everything for now.

Sometime later and the girls decide it would be prudent to get some self-defense instruction from Eli the cleaner. It is also during this training montage that the news comes on letting Dominque know her garbage husband is going to get away with the murder of their daughter.

It is at this time the girls formulate the plan for revenge an "eye for an eye if you will". The only biblical reference in a book that sports a nun with oozies on the cover. Thankfully, I was afraid this was going to be...preachy.

The girls devise a plan to take out Dominque's husband involving a radio jammer, a motorcycle, and probably one of the most cinematic like car chase scenes I have seen done in a comic in recent memory.

Bits and Pieces:

Boom Studios here take my money. This is a fast paced exhilarating first issue. It pulls on the heart strings but avoids being a social justice warrior commentary. It's gritty, gory, and engaging. Kim's sequential story telling is excellent. The writing is quite good also. Because these characters are completely new to me it did require a second read for me to really connect with the characters and their actions within the story. But, the second read was just as enjoyable as the first.


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