Thursday, August 24, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 8/23/17

Covers, Covers, Everywhere, and Not a Drop to Drink

This was a full week for DC Comics, with more than sixteen titles offered! That said, I struggled to find five worthy of my incredible weekly list. But I dug deep, and I think I've turned up the five best. Feel free to share your incorrect opinion on the matter, in the comments!

Batman Beyond #11 variant
Dave Johnson
When you incorporate the title logo into the cover art, you're going to get some points from me. When you use an oversized version of the logo as cover art, that's going to get you somewhere in the Top 5 of the week. This works especially well because Batman Beyond's logo evokes his costume, as well as the series aesthetic. Which means it looks cool.

Detective Comics #963
Yasmine Putri
The thirteen year-old me would have selected the variant cover for this, which featured a front shot of Batman that had the Anarchy "A" painted on his chest. But the more thoughtful, critical me had to go with this dynamic cover, which makes great use of vertical and horizontal space. I also cannot deny that Batman running with such force that he shatters brick walls is a pretty awesome notion.

The Kamandi Challenge #8
Steve Rude and John Kalisz
How could I deny a spot to Steve "The Dude" Rude? I really love the heavy black lines, very reminiscent of Jack Kirby, and the picture's tilt makes it seem much more "out to sea." It's a fairly compelling scene, which details what happens in the actual story, which is not compelling. Just keep gazing at the cover and wait for the next issue.

Nightwing the New Order #1
Trevor McCarthy
 "What do you think will get Reggie's attention for the next DC Comics Covers of the Week?"
"I dunno, nudity?"
"No, he loves satire, and propaganda posters--I know, let's satirize a propaganda poster!"
"Will it have nudity? Because that would cover all your bases."

The Flash #29 variant
Howard Porter & Hi-Fi
This is apparently some kind of Flash/Doomsday blend, but it could easily work to say the Flash has been zombified. This look really works well with Howard Porter's sinewy style, and the attention to coloring drives that creep factor up.Nice job!

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