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Ultimates 2 #100 Review

Ultimates 2 #100

Writer: AL Ewing
Art Team: Travel Foreman, Filipe Andrade, Marco Lorenzana, 
Scott Hana, Dan Brown, Matt Yackey
Marvel Comics
Release Date: August 16, 2017
Cover Price: $4.99

Blue Marvelous Ending

“When somethings strange in the Universe who you going to call … the Ultimates.
When Eternity’s chained and it don’t look good who you going to call … the Ultimates”.

So, the Ultimates 2 skipped 91 issues this week dropping, from what I can tell, is its final issue of this series with #100.  So how does everything wrap up in this crazy story, by under heralded writer Al Ewing, is this a universe we want to save anymore?  Let discuss.

Disclaimer If you haven’t been reading this series up to this final issue I suggest you go back and do yourself a favor …. BINGE READ IT!  Marvel Unlimited has most of the series there presently so get chopping and if you do a little internet sleuthing you can find a free month coupon ... and no I don’t make any money of pimping that product I just think you should check this book out.

The events start here, this issue, with Galactus and his ‘Cosmic Defenders’, Ego Prime and company, hoping their final effort to get an urgent message to the Ultimates of Earth paid off. If their attempt fails the Universe as we know it will go up in cosmic smoke.

Eternity being chained up is also kind of a big deal, and something Galactus and his ‘crew’ is fighting to stop as well.  The First Firmament has taken advantage of all these recent events, since the universe’s rebirth after Secret Wars, to literally chain Eternity in its newly formed and weakened state.

One of these recent events for all this chaos is ‘the Makers’ current actions. By activating a device of the High Evoultionary’s, the Maker, has began separating the borders of the multiverse between different planets, which have just about been totally dissolved at this point, another check against Eternity. The Maker, who concluded last issue by calling in backup to action with his new ‘control’, the formerly deceased, Ultimates of the Ultimate Universe, who are told to help defend against any plan of his being foiled.

The Ultimates (of Earth Prime) before long end up confronting the Maker and his Ultimates after successfully receiving Galactus’ message, arriving on Coutner Earth in the nick of time. It doesn’t take long for them to perceive shit going down is not good and battles start. Blue Marvel takes out the first into action the Hulk, he’s sicked on our heroes immediately, learning a quick lesson about messing with Blue Marvel, most importantly DON’T. Ultimate U Giant Man starts putting the pieces together that they shouldn’t really be here becoming totally consumed with the thoughts of dying. The battle, although cool, comes to an abrupt conclusion however when both teams share a ‘Martha’ moment … their team name the ‘Ultimates’ comes out of America Chavez’s face stopping the fighting.    

The Ultimate U Captain America calls a quick cease fire to the action in question to discuss why the two groups, that share a name, are fighting after all but quickly finds discovers his boss, the Maker, very displeased with his actions.  For going against the Makers wishes, the angry man-child quickly, literally, dusts him off the game board.

The Ultimates of Earth sense nothing but doom in the Makers presence. This forces Spectrum into actions and she goes to go full power mode, disabling this second body, of the Maker, after Caps death, of the Maker by absorbing him. The High Evolutionary pissed off after being played by Maker destroys the embodiment left of him removing the big brain from the battle for the universe, for betraying him and his original intentions for use of the machine.

The group left after the fighting decide to try to reverse what the Maker has done, led by Ultimate Iron Man, who steps up to the table by linking everyones energies, to do his thing. By linking all the people together, Iron Man, uses the power generated, while reverse engineering what the Maker did to the High Evolutionary’s machine, to allow Eternity to remember “how it’s supposed to be”.

Eternity, with some hope now, busts free from the First Firmament, together combined with Tony actions with the all the remaining Ultimates, the Superflow begins reforming. Since the Superflow is now reforming the Cosmic Defenders take their opportunity to enter this arena of battle taking on the other wack a doo baddy this series, Logos (who’s a combined version of Order, Chaos, and the In-between), and his minions the Death Celestials.  However, before we get to far into battle between the two cosmic entities and their super cosmic space teams, a human enters the fray of battle … Black Panther with a Megazord … AKA the Tiger God.

The Tiger God controlled by Black Pinter takes no shit and.  Tiger God grabs Logos and starts ripping him apart … Galactus is taken aback a human could affect the events of “gods” in anyway.  Things get even crazier here as the Queen of Never takes notice of what occurring and shows up with a final good Celestial saved from the wrath of Logos. She uses her power to use the Celestial to make more Celestial’s from him and together they start righting the Universe and Eternity again curing the entity Eternity of its sickness and total grasp of the First Firmament.

This pisses off the First Firmament obviously (running theme of bad guys getting pissed their plans are in shambles here).  As Eternity strengthens, through the actions of the Ultimates, “the different variations” of Eternity, long thought passed and forgotten, start popping back into form.  All the reborn Eternity’s use the chains to tie up the First Firmament, so he can’t do further damage, making things slowly right again throughout the cosmos … restoring Order and Chaos if you will.  

As the story concludes we get snippets of everyone returning to their ‘normal’ life, pick up the book if you want to see how the series truly end it will be worth your time.

Overall, the Ultimates was one of the many examples of a high-quality book Marvel has put out the last couple years that deserves more attention that it is receiving due to the nature of how Marvel floods the market with new titles. Al Ewing has a great grasp of the Marvel cosmic universe taking existing ideas and expanding on them in incredible ways. 

The art team does some fantastic work here again, really delivering on the epicenes you’d expect from a comic book deep space battle.  There’s not a page or panel wasted with something that won’t grab your attention or eyeballs.

Bits and Pieces
The series finale of the Ultimates 2 wraps up in high style as Al Ewing brings all his threads to a very satisfying conclusion.  To anybody who waited for just one more person to recommend they check this series out wait no more and catch up you won’t regret it and your eyes will have as much fun as your brain.


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