Monday, August 21, 2017

Luke Cage #4 Review - Marvel Mondays

Middle of the Road

Written by:David Walker
Art by: Nelson Blake
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 16, 2017

As I sit here staring at the cover of Luke Cage #4 I try to reminisce on the previous three issues. I am trying to decide how I feel about the story as it has been presented up to this point. The phrase that comes to mind is middle of the road. Which, as the saying states, it has not been bad but it has bot been great either. The problem is, Average, runs the risk of being largely forgettable. Let us hope this story has another gear.

Last issue Dr. Noah Burstein revealed himself to be alive and at his lab. This issue starts with showing us where he has been this whole time. Locked in the basement of the first telegraphed bad guy, Cyril Morgan.

Warhawk is still healing. Dr. Burstein checks him out to see if Dr. Mornay has done a sufficient job of closing the wound. All while Luke Cage stands in the background brooding. He has come to the conclusion that Dr. Burstein hasn’t been working under the most altruistic reasons. His assumptions seem to be correct. The dialogue Burstein chooses to use when talking about any of his “creations” definitely reeks of the playing God troupe of being a mad scientist. Adding to Luke’s growing suspicions of Dr. Burstein.

Meanwhile, Cyril Morgan employs the Ninth Ward Mafia to clean up his mess for him. Namely Mateo Corello’s home and lab. It’s the usual slash and burn all the evidence kind of job. Cyril also wants them to take care of Luke, Warhawk, and Dr. Mornay. The Ninth Ward has ideas of its own though. Seems like KevLar, the leader, has a pretty goo head on his shoulders and he is suspicious of everybody. KevLar is the only person that the Burstein Treatment has worked on (except Luke of course) with little to no side affects. The rest of the Mafia needs the anger suppressant so any evidence to the suppressant’s chemical make up KevLar is looking for. Which brings them to Dr. Burstein’s lab

Back at Cyril Morgan’s Estate we find out Cyril isn’t the head of this orchestrated under world organization operating more and more overtly, as time stretches on. We also find out Cyril’s ailing son, that Dr. Burstein treated, was responsible for the doctor’s early release. Burstein did not finish the project that the mysterious project benefactor needed him for. Cyril is not going to be happy about that fact. The aforementioned leader also sent his own hit crew to Luke’s location since he has lost confidence in Cyril’s ability to handle the situation. 

Five Ninth Ward Mafia members with Luke Cage’s powers show up to Dr. Burstein’s lab. Then a truck full of hitmen soldiers equipped with the steel skin slashing arm mounted swords plows through the wall of the lab. These Hitmen just wipe out the Ninth Ward Mafia kids immediately with the element of surprise. Except for KevLar who brought his own sword and he deals out swift and brutal retribution. All while Luke realizes this kid is him with anger issues and more impenetrable skin.

Do we have a Luke Cage sidekick in the making here??

Bits and Pieces:

This issue does accelerate the story along and the art is still stupendous. I especially like the moving action panels. But the story is still kind of middle of the road. I am very interested in the possibilities the character, KevLar, brings to this book though. Hopefully in a month I won’t find myself trying to remember what happened in the previous issue, and instead I will find myself super excited to read the latest issue.


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