Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Nightwing: New Order #1 Review

Nightwing Beyond?

Written by: Kyle Higgins
Art by: Trevor McCarthy, Dean White and Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 23, 2017

I am both a huge Nightwing and Kyle Higgins fan, but when you put those two together, I get pumped up.  I enjoyed Higgins run on Nightwing in the New 52 and LOVED his inclusion of him in the Batman Beyond 2.0 book, so when I heard he was coming back to DC to write my favorite character, I couldn't wait.  So, now that it's finally here, is it any good?  Let's find out...

The issue opens up with a grim scene...Metropolis is in ruins and heroes and villains are both messed up big time.  The big reveal here is that it all seems like it's Nightwing's fault.  It's an interesting opening that makes you want to find out more right away.  Kyle Higgins does give us a little more information in this first issue, but it's way more subtle than I expected.

We then head to the current time, 2040, and see our world is a lot different then I would have imagined it.  As the son of Dick Grayson provides the narration, we find out that this world keeps superpowers under check...and it's all because of Dick.

Kyle Higgins uses Dr. Light to great affect here.  You feel bad for the guy, even as his powers "go off" and Dick Grayson is still the good guy you know and love here...almost.  There is just something in the background that feels a little off and that had me intrigued immediately.

We then get to see Dick's job in the future, the team he has surrounding him and the problem at hand.  I can't say much about the team yet as we don't get too much with them, but it all feels right and I do want to find out more.  The problem is certainly one that will drive the plot forward...a "him" is destroying the superpower inhibitor medication.

Then it's off to see an old and a new face...Dick's son, Jake, and Alfred.  It's a nice scene that leads to a moral discussion between Alfred and Dick about the super power situation and it hits home when we find out how the Dr. Light situation at the beginning of the book effected Jake.  Throughout all this, the subject of who Jake's mother is keeps popping up and it feels like it's going to be a big surprise when her identity is revealed.

The issue ends with everything crashing down as Dick is called to school after Jake has a "problem" and it looks like Nightwing is going to have to make some hard decisions real soon.

I enjoyed this first issue, but I am worried that the slow pace may throw some readers off.  Everything is good...story, dialogue and art, it's just there isn't any big wow moment to get the reader hooked.  Sure, the first scene tried for that, but since this is an alt-future, it doesn't have the same impact as it would otherwise.  Still, I am intrigued and Kyle Higgins and Trevor McCarthy gave me enough to keep with it.

Bits and Pieces:

This is a good start that was a bit slower paced than I ever expected.  Kyle Higgins is more content with setting up subtle mysteries of this future than just telling the reader and it mostly works.  I just hope that readers are as intrigued as I am because I will be back next month to see what happens next.



  1. Well, it's Kyle Higgins. No surprise.
    This writer is very underrated yet so talented.
    Batman Beyond, Nightwing, Power Rangers, ... He just know how to handle about anything.

    1. I agree...loved his Batman beyond 2.0 so much!

  2. Glad you finally got an issue of Nightwing you enjoyed, Jim :)
    I know you've been bummed at how they've been hangling one of your favorite characters recently.

    1. Yep!!! I love Kyle Higgins as two for one!