Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Injustice 2 #20 Review

Injustice 2 #20 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor
Art Team: Daniel Sampere, Juan Albarran, Rex Lokus
DC Comics
Release Date: August 22, 2017
Cover Price: $ 0.99 (Digital first)

The Kids Alright

Injustice 2 has gone out of its way to introduce all the characters, setup several intriguing story points, pulled on our damn heart strings, and now is really hitting its stride getting to action the last several issues.  We got a doozy of a cliffhanger last issue, with the ‘bad’ Batman, making it perfectly clear he was about to hit the, ‘No More Harley’, button on the brain bomb controls, taking everyone’s favorite crazy ex-girlfriend out for good, so what’s the result you ask? Join me inside to find out.

Jumping right into the fray off the bat, we don’t have to wait long for our answer that’s been a week coming, as Harley runs right at bad Batman, getting to close to allow him to hit the brain bomb button, not a very Batman-esque mistake. He smacks Harley away, she gets a quick goodbye in to her daughter thinking she’s a goner for sure this time, all before she starts hearing voices?!?!  This part wasn’t bad but I felt like I was seeing Harley too accepting of death, instead of going down with a never say die attitude like I expected, especially with her daughter present.

The voices turn out to be none other than the Atom who, to everyone’s surprise, snuck into Harley’s head disabling the Suicide Squad’s weapon of choice.  After a quick thank you, from Harley to Atom, we see Wildcat also join the sudden super hero gathering in the hallway.  Wildcat, whom we last saw with the real Batman in Ivy’s jungle, tells the group to run he’ll take care of this fake Batman while they get to safety. 

Wildcat takes the first blows from bad Bat’s, accepting them with a smile, before unleashing a nice left cross smashing Batman’s head into the nearby temple wall.  This Batman however brought a gun to a fist fight and simply decides it’s easier to end the problem with a bullet to Wildcats midsection.

Back with the escaping heroes, Conner hears the gun go off and wants to go back to help Wildcat.  Harley tries to explain to the young lass why this isn’t a ‘good idea’ because it lessens Wildcat’s sacrifice. Conner insists, as Harley mentions “You’re so much like your parents”, as they head back together while the Atom (or man from my head, as Harley calls him) continues with the other children to the teleporter.

Back at the brawl between Wildcat and Batman, and despite the bullet, Wildcat shows no quit, getting up from the wound. Batman fires another round into the poor guy’s chest, before mentioning “You never did know when to give up, Ted”. This makes me think, maybe Jim’s (@weirdsciencedc) theory about this Batman is wrong, and this my proof to hang over his head … time will tell.  

The story concludes with Harley and Conner arriving to help Wildcat. Conner steps to the bully Batman, in a scene that must be seen to be believed, GO BUY IT NOW check it out, you’ll love it guaranteed.   

Overall, Injustice 2 is my go to medicine after a long Tuesday at work, not dealing with comics.  I love the action, the characters, and their interactions almost always and Tom Taylor does an excellent job balancing all the different story threads.  There were a few moments early in this chapter I found didn’t work great, like the early Harley stuff, and the sudden appearance of Wildcat, but by the end of the book and the cliffhanger I was back on board and pumped for next issue again.

The art is always great in this title and this issue is no exception to that rule, although most of the action takes place in a hallway this issue, so there isn’t that dynamic scene complete with huge background setting included, but none the less those are some damn good looking concrete walls.


Injustice 2 chapter 20 starts a little off balance but by the conclusion of the issue I was back on board and begging for more like always. Plus, this issue contains a cliffhanger that’ll put a smile on any DC fans face.



  1. Great issue, but man is Batman(coff coff)Jason is a bit to brutal towards people who are considered heroes.

  2. Ya I was on the Jasn train , but did as have ahistory w Wildcat ? What he says to him and the fact he knows him by name makes me think maybe it could be someone else, admittedly I know nothing about Wildcat so it's all a guess on my part lol