Thursday, November 16, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 11/15/17

I Am a Man of Distinguished Taste

Another week, another batch of comic books--most of them with covers! Most of them with two covers, in fact! Which ones are definitively and unarguably the best of the week? Read on to find out!

Super Sons #10 variant
Dustin Nguyen
When Dustin Nguyen draws the kids, you know it's gonna be cute. His watercolor skill is pretty tight, and he gets a lot of detail from the medium. This is a nicely-composed cover, but I picked it primarily on the grounds that it's adorable.

Nightwing #33
Javier Fernandez & Chris Sotomayor
I wish this was rendered a little better, but in terms of composition I love it. Whenever you have a character ripping through a comic page or cover, you've got comedy gold. Plus the hand obscuring part of Nightwing's logo? Terrific. Would have ranked this higher if the monster was saying "HEEERE'S JOHNNY!"

Superman #35
Patrick Gleason & Dean White
Jonathan Kent astride a couple of armored Apokoliptan war dogs? Works for me. Not a whole lot to say about this cover, except it's a cool image and I am very jealous of Superboy.

Wonder Woman/Conan #3 variant
Aaron Lopresti
Say, I haven't seen Aaron Lopresti since...well, the last issue of Wonder Woman/Conan. But I'd be happy to see a lot more! This one is deceptively laid out, the black crows framing a water-logged plank that almost looks to be disintegrating. Wonder Woman and Conan aligned conversely creates a Yin and Yang type image, which is cool.

Batwoman #9
Fernando Blanco
The variant of this was a nice red-and-black cover that would normally pique my interest, but this one is too cool to pass up! Mind you, I really dig Scarecrow. This is a throwback to either the Rocksteady Batman video games, or some comic book cover I've never seen. Wherever it's from, I dig it.

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