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Unbelievable Gwenpool #22 Review - Marvel Monday

Unbelievable Gwenpool #22

Writer: Christopher Hastings
Art Team: Irene Strychalski
Marvel Comics
Release Date: November 8, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

Doom Knows All

Gwenpool since its inception has been one of my favorite concepts and books running at Marvel Comics. What’s not to love about a 4th wall breaking, panel manipulating, regular everyday person stuck in the Marvel Universe? Seriously read the book, read the review, and check this title out if you haven't … unless you don't like fun this isn't for you.  Read on, you will.

This issue begins with Gwenpool riding on the back of Vincent the Doom Bot into a secret subway base of this.This was all the Doom Bots idea, because he wants the inevitable fight between Gwenpool and Dr. Doom to avoid any significant damage to the landscape above, once Vincent summons Victor.

By the time we’re done getting the lowdown of the situation at hand, and have and have our bearings amongst us, the smell of Gwen up to something funky begins to take shape. We see a foot running through the background, and Gwen popping up between panels, which doesn't make much sense as of right now but will later. Vincent takes Gwen through the lair, and they stumble upon a collection of old Doom armors, when suddenly Vincent falls under control and inline with the rest of the armors present.

Doctor Doom checks in at this point to let Gwen know he’s been keeping on eye on her, though Vincent, even summoning her down here, again through Vincent, using their previously established relationship of creator and creation. Gwen falls through a trap door, where a hologram of doom appears talking to her discussing matters. Gwen, for knowing all about comic characters and continuity, isn't up on Doom's latest changes and when Doom gets whiff of this state's “he’ll deal with you (Gwen) later.”

Gwen chills in a jail cell as Doom reacquaints himself with Vincent the Doombot who got away and has went good. While Doom’s distracted, Gwen uses her panel powers to try to skip out of jail, and while initially having trouble going forward through the issue, finds using the ability in reverse is the way to go. Previously in the issue, the scenes where we saw a double of Gwen appear now make sense. As Doom and Vincent argue out their differences as Doom tries to get to the bottom of why Vincent’s angry. Doom discovers here Vincent doesn't feel he's changed at all, which is part of the animosity between the two … Doom responds “join the club.”

Gwen now out of jail through use of her ‘powers’ approaches Doom, with a sword, and has had enough of the games and wants her recognition. Eventually a pretty substantial cut is leveled against Doom by Gwen, with the Sword forcing an older version of Doom out  of the cut armor, as the issue wraps up.

Overall, I continue to come back to Gwenpool each and every month because the book stays fresh and interesting while developing a character I have learned to grow and love over time.  If you haven't yet given Gwenpool a shot for $3.99 I urge you to do so.  This book has turned into a classic, 4th wall breaking, completely original take on a modern day Marvel hero, and Christopher Hastings deserves some kudos for pulling something off that's not exactly easy to do.

The art remains solid in this issue by Irene Strychalski, but anytime Gurihiru is off the title for anytime, his cleaner look is definitely missed a bit.

Bits and Pieces

Gwenpool firmly earns its place on my pull list month in and month out. This issue like many in the series before it is a fun read providing action, laughs, and perfectly interesting storytelling remaining a must purchase for me each month.  I'm always eager to see what Hastings and company have up their sleeve next.


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