Saturday, November 18, 2017

Unholy Grail #4 Review

Tainted Lovecraft

Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Mirko Colak
Publisher: Aftershock Comics

This is such a pleasure of a book. As a fan of all things Arthurian, I'm pretty pleased to have found a contemporary depiction that is much more successful than the recent films. I always said that comics were a superior medium. Anyway, this is the fourth part of Cullen Bunn's Lovecraftian take on the Arthurian saga, and old Merlin is scheming again behind the scenes. Hell hath no fury like a Wizard scorned. Or something like than - let's see what it's all about. 

If I lived in the age of Camelot, or even in an era of Knights and Princesses, Courtly times, the days of magic, etc. etc. there is one frickin' food I would not eat. Apples. Throughout that era they were always being poisoned or lodging in peoples throats. A dangerous food. Best to be avoided. One makes an appearance at the start of this issue and you'll never guess what? It causes a lot of trouble. Old Merlin and his magic apples. How'd you like them apples? I don't. Although they do give us a good story.

Yes it's not only the i-phone X that's a rotten apple. This one causes a whole lotta trouble. After munching its way through it, it leads the right honorable Lord Ulfius to blab all over Arthur's court that Guinevere has been enjoying Lancelot's jousting skills in more ways than one. Which puts Arthur in something of a predicament....given that his wife and his second in command have been caught in a predicament. Not that that's news to Arthur who we are shown has known all about his wife's hobbies but was too busy showing off his sword skills to Morgana. Oh what a tangled web we weave...
It only gets worse from here on in for all parties concerned. Aside from Merlin. He just plays about with everyone and has a laugh like an evil puppetmaster. Having built old Arthur up, he knocked him down again with that magic apple. His kingdom split, his wife and best friend in exile, his dalliance with Morgana bears fruit. The emergence of Mordred into the story is likely to make matters worse for our king in later issues...

Bits and Pieces

This is an interesting depiction of the Arthurian legend. We are now entering the traditional tale of the more tragic years of Arthur's court, and anyone who knows the myths will now know that the seeds are sown for Arthur's demise. The familiarity of the story isn't a bad thing, as it is freshened by Bunn's fine writing; it takes on an ominous tone - dark and delicious. Qualities which are also mirrored in Mirko Colak's art - if only Hollywood could portray the story on screen with the beauty and sensitivity of Colak's art in this series. Another fine issue of a fine series.


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