Monday, November 13, 2017

Royals #10 Review - Marvel Monday

Meet Your Maker's Maker

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Javier Rodriguez
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: November 8, 2017

Cover Price: $3.99

The Inhumans have really been push hard by Marvel in the last decade, or so. I myself have avoided most of it. Not by a conscious effort have I been avoiding them. (I have only read very early Inhuman appearances) I was just never really sold on the characters. They were never a big thing when I was a kid in my formative comic book reading years. I have been broadening my tastes as of late. Needing more cosmic in my life I decided that the Royal Inhuman family going out into space was a good time as any to see the stars and to see what the fuss is all about in regards to the more Inhuman than human family.

Ten issues in and it is safe to say a ton has changed since the Kirby days. Al Ewing in this series has done a really good job at being informative in a fun and inviting way. You really feel like you are getting on the royal elevator at ground level.

The artist changes have plagued the book a little bit I must add. I feel though, that each artist has brought their best effort in terms of work and imagination to each issue. Which has made the changes easier to swallow.

Quick Recap:

Medusa had to destroy the Terrigen cloud cause it was poisonous to mutants. Now, more Inhumans can't be made. In order to rectify this Medusa, Crystal, Black Bolt, Gorgon, Flint, Swain, and Marvel Boy take to the stars. Because, Marvel Boy says there might be a cure for the Inhumans plight at the Kree home world (Hala). On the way they discover Black Bolt is Maximus in disguise, and Black Bolt is in the prison Maximus should be in...oops. Oh well, they still have to save the Inhuman race. Bolt is a big boy he can fend for himself (see Black Bolt #1). Swain's and Maximus' powers cancel each other out no harm no foul (Maximus has mind control powers). On Hala Marvel Boy plants a new seed of Supreme Intelligence named Plex. Plex is from Marvel Boy's alternate universe. This Supreme Intelligence is much nicer then the last couple. Plex tells the Royals that the Progenitors created the Kree using Primagen. Primagen might be the cure to the No More Inhumans problem. Oh yeah and Medusa is dying cause she was the one that destroyed the Terrigen cloud. 

I know that is a lot to take in but what can I say its been a wild nine issues. So much more has happened that I am glossing over for sake of expedience.

This book is like if you took PCP and steroids mixed them together and then injected it into the Fantastic Four.

Through out the whole run there has been two stories going on. There is the Present time and the Five Thousand years in the future time. In the future Maximus is the last Inhuman.

We open this issue Five Thousand years in the future with Maximus (the last Inhuman) and Marvel Boy (who is now The Accuser). Maximus is trying to awaken The King he calls him. There are still a lot of unanswered questions on that story thread, but it appears The King is Flint encased in a Skyspear (a huge, clear crystalline obelisk). 

Flint in present time had recently touched one of these Skyspears. These Skyspears have been placed on planets of the Progenitors choosing. Flint has had a reaction to the spear. We have yet to find out the full extent of his reaction.

The Royals had just located the Progenitor's World Farm at the end of last issue. One of the Progenitors destroyed the Royals ship with them in it.
Flint's new power and insight given to him by the Skyspear allowed him to take evasive action and save everyone.

Al Ewing writes a hell of a team book everyone plays their part in saving each other all through out this series.

When everyone lands safe and sound they discover they landed on a computer like mind (think Supreme Intelligence but planet size). Now the Progenitors think the Royals intrusion on the World Farm is a threat to be eliminated. They send a more aggressive termination Progenitor to vaccinate the virus from the system. Maximus and Swain use their combined powers to influence the planet size  intelligence to pop the creature's head that is pursuing them. This leaves the Overlord-Class Progenitor a bit miffed. It sends a Destroyer-Class and a Exterminator-Class Progenitor to end this threat and to provide a cliff-hanger.

It is not easy to hop into a comic 10 issues in and start reviewing it. I hope I did it some Justice. I like this story and I think it would be a great trade to purchase when the story has finished. I feel this series is being a bit over looked and it shouldn't be. It is a series that is best suited to read from the beginning. Issues one and two are on the Marvel App now for those interested.

Bits and Pieces:

This issues is not as great as its predecessors in my opinion, but it is still an excellent addition to the overall story. The story scope and imagination utilized, in this series, is always top notch. If you want to get Lost in Space and like it, DANGER! Will Robinson you have found the title that will do it for you.


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