Sunday, November 12, 2017

Harbinger Renegade #0 Review

Alpha and Omega

Written by: Rafer Roberts
Art by: Juan Jose Ryp
Colors by: Andrew Dalhouse
Letters by: Simon Bowland
Publisher: Valiant
Reviewer: Andrew McAvoy

I have to say that its a very pleasurable experience to take a detour into the Valiant comics universe. Increasingly their line of comics presents an enticing alternative to the "Big Two" and Image. I know I'm relatively late to the party with this but Valiant produce seriously good interconnected comic series, and this week's book helped pave the way for the forthcoming Harbinger War 2 next May. Lets dive in and see what the portents foretell…

This issue is a game of two halves. The first half of the book sees the crack H.A.R.D Corps prepare for a "search and extract" mission targeted on the elusive Alexander Solomon. We see how well they have drilled for this task, and every man and woman on the team knows their role intricately. They have this down, and know that they have thought through all possibilities. The reader is left with supreme confidence in their mission as they drop out of the helicopter into the jungles of a remote island in the Pacific Ocean where they have located Solomon...or have they?

Then, as a famous Fresh Prince once said, their life gets flip turned upside down. They come to an outer perimeter and that's when things start to go a little off with their plans. On entering the ancient structure they see some very old fire-breathing Buddhist monk-looking wrinkly dudes. Never good in an ancient temple…and not what they were expecting. With typical subtlety Charlie Palmer tells his crack squad "Light em up". That really pisses those monks off. In escaping Palmer's crew force their way into a secret passage, only to unveil a hidden chamber which we find houses Alpha (yes, the Medieval one from Harbinger issue 6). With comms down with HQ, and Alpha suitably pissed after Palmer and his crew try to torch him, you know something's gonna go down.

Bits and Pieces

This issue, which brims with excitement, more than whets the appetite for next May's showcase event. Yet again Solomon is on top, and the fact that our "big bad" in this issue has ancient origins gives us lot to uncover between now and then. A great story from Rafer Roberts rendered splendidly through the wonderful art of Juan Jose Ryp and colors which shine from Andrew Dalhouse. What's not to love? Top stuff.


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