Monday, December 18, 2017

Amazing Spider-Man #792 Review - Marvel Monday

Amazing Spider-Man #792

Writer: Dan Slott and Mike Costa
Art Team: Ryan Stegman, Brian Reber
Marvel Comics
Release Date: December 13, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99
Mask Off!!

The Venom character has been running through crossovers and mini events for quite sometime now by my estimates. So with that out there, here’s Amazing Spider-Man #792, which is part two of the Venom Inc storyarc, to continue that attempt to satisfy the never ending Venom thirst Marvel thinks we all continue to have. Lets see if a little more light is shed on what we’re dealing with here and the motivations behind the actions from the villains Lee Price’s point of view inside.

Last issues cliffhanger revolved around Flash and Brock fighting for control of the Venom symbiote, and with Spider-Man’s boneheaded assistance, Flash turned into Anti-Venom. Which is exactly where we start off this issue.  

Anti-Venom and Spider-Man beat down, then rip of the remaining symbiote from Eddie Brock, web him to the floor, then get out of dodge with the symbiote in a container. The will decide what their next move to make will be from here.

Meanwhile Lee Price, aka Maniac, crashes Black Cat’s gathering of crooks with his crew of ‘Maniac goons’ which starts a giant throw down between the two groups. Lee’s side obviously begins coming out on top, turning Black Cats thugs into masked symbiotes, while it has a bonus special effect on the old Scorpion.

Flash and Spidey bring the symbiote to Peter Parker’s, who Flash doesn't know is Spidey in current continuity. Spidey suggests trying to neutralize the symbiote, which Flash is not a fan of, saying if he could bond with it he'd be able to track the piece they're looking for down. Flash then suggests Spidey try it on, to track down what they’re looking for, to which Spidey is strictly opposed to. They decide to compromise by using a piece of the symbiote combined with a piece of tech Spider-Man creates as a tracker.

The tracker Flash and Spidey made leads them right into Black Cat and her crew, now all Venom masked out, seemingly waiting on these two as the issue concludes.

Overall the story didn't move forward very much or shed much light at all on Lee Price’s motivations as the stories driving force other than to simply get revenge I guess. The saving grace of this story arc as a whole so far has been the art team as Stegman and company do a great job of making the pages come to life and easy to follow. I don't know if I'd say avoid this crossover altogether but I wouldn't go out of my way to follow anything I'm not already following and going all in on this crossover event currently.

Bits and Pieces

The story just seems like a good guys hunt down and beat up the bad guys eventually sort of tale with a variety of Venom type symbiotes as the villains currently. I think so many Venom focused stories the last six months have really taken the shine off an already average crossover. The art deserves a second glance though.

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