Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Injustice 2 #37 Review

Injustice 2 #37

Writer: Tom Taylor
Art Team: Daniel Sampere, Rex Lokus
DC Comics
Release Date: December 19, 2017
Cover Price: $.99

Plastic Man Is Bae!

Well I missed my first Injustice 2 review in a long while last week due to tickets to various events all over town, aka drinking at Sabres and Bills games. Fancy man I know, but Im back this week, and holy crap guys, it got nuts!  Shit was introduced to the fan and apparently it was a hit all around, because the last two issues have been bonkers.  So after the Kents are found hiding in the Fortress of Solitude, allowing our group of heroes to hunt for the Titans in the Phantom Zone, what's left in the bag of crazy Tom Taylor has stored in his comic book ideas cabinet? Join me and let's find out.

Before we get into things here, I have a confession. Plastic Man is stealing my heart and becoming one of my new favorite characters at the hands of Tom Taylor.  I'm just saying DC put Tom Taylor on a Plastic Man book and I'll buy two for myself and one for every member of my extended family. Where do I sign?

So ya, back to business, the issues beings with Plastic Man entering the Phantom Zone while being tethered to Earth by Luke.  From this point on Tom Taylor has a ball letting lose while Plastic Man goes on the hunt for the Teen Titans in a place he shouldn't be.  

Eventually Plastic Man runs into Imperiex, and after a comical exchange, gets directions from the big bad sending him on the path to what he came for … the Teen Titans.

There’s not much fancy going on here really, Plastic Man does eventually find his target, albeit with a heartbreaking caveat. One of the main reasons Plastic Man is here is for Conner Kent who says he can’t leave.  Superman in their last battle put a hole in the poor boys heart, to which they have no cure for, and Conner will die if he passes through the portal, the Phantom Zone is keeping him alive … for now. Unfortunately for Conner he elects to stay, with a promise from Tim they'll find a way to save him, but the drama doesn't end there.  

The Titans are able to exchange a quick hello with the heroes on the other end of the portal, however they seem to be ignoring Plastic Man stating he’s stuck like fishing line in the weeds.  In this instance though the weeds are a pissed off General Zod who has followed the Titans through the portal … then being the typical psychopath he is, decides to just straight up start murdering legitimate heroes. Who bites the dust? Buy and find out but don't blame your tears on me ... direct all complaints to @EricLSeah on Twitter.com. Thank you.

Overall, this issue does not accomplish a whole lot but did literally have a little bit of everything to satisfy any type of comic book fan especially Plastic Man fans.  Tom Taylor does a great job of showing how well he gets this huge cast of characters, all while making you laugh along with them, then cry for them, making you want more. Coupled with some great art, that doesn't ever present the reader with an ugly looking character or scene, and this book continues to be a winner #37 digital first issues later.

Again some people might be disappointed by the singular focus of the issue, and I acknowledge that beef, but I really like how anything can, will, and continues to happen in this story.

Bits and Pieces

Injustice 2 fans can take solace in the fact Tom Taylor continues to bring the funny, action, and drama each and every week.  While the overall story doesn't move forward very much this issue some HUGE things happen in these pages … including my new blossoming love for Plastic Man.


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