Thursday, December 21, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 12/20/17

Too Many Covers, Not Enough Time

Comic book cover aficionados, assemble! We had a whole lot of great DC Comics covers this week, so many that I actually had to pare them down to this list of five! But pare them down I did, and surely came up with the best of the best of the best, at least where DC Comics is concerned. There were some other nice covers on the shelf this week, but let some other dope order those in a list!

Justice League #35
Pete Woods
This cover gets high points for its composition and color, but an image of heroes being menaced by a giant glob monster is terrific no matter how you slice it. Really though, it's the red Flash leading the other costume colors in an array that works really well.

Dark Nights Metal #4 variant
Tony S. Daniel
Here's another cover that gets big points for composition. I'm not sure if this was printed over foil, but it would look spectacular if so. Even as it stands, this is a striking image that actually looks like it could be the cover to a heavy metal album. I'm going to say one of the songs on said album is "Thunder Dragon."

Superman #37
Ivan Reis here's a dynamic cover that's not short on heroes. The way the, uh, Solar Flare Rays segment the cover is like something out of the Silver Age. The crazy way Jon's legs are akimbo add to this effect. And I got to use the word akimbo! This cover is the gift that keeps on giving.

Super Sons #11
Francis Manapul
Look at that! The second part of this crossover story made the next slot on this list. Though Francis Manapul is no stranger to being a Best Cover of the Week. I love this one because of now the muted tones in Batman and Damian play off Jon's more colorful burst, but I also think it's a pretty gnarly-looking image of Batman. And there are reasons for that. But you'll have to read the comics to find out what it is!

Wonder Woman/Conan #4 variant
Aaron Lopresti
Wow. I didn't expect this week's Wonder Woman/Conan to make the list, in fact I wasn't sure I was going to include it for consideration. But here it is, an absolutely amazing image sitting pretty at the top spot of the week. I have no wonderful comments besides Aaron Lopresti being a master and everything about this cover compelling me to look inside. And that, after all, is the function of a comic book cover.

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