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Secret Warriors #10 Review - Marvel Monday

Secret Warriors #10

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg
Art Team: Javier Garron, Will Robson
Marvel Comics
Release Date: December 13, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

Terroristic Test Tube Tots

At the end of last issue some of the test tube kids, that the team spent so much time trying to get home to their families, do I say this gently...well they were exploding. Will this secret team ever be able to come together or will it all go up in smoke?

Channel 33 news deployed at two separate locations fill us in as to some of the back story. Apparently there was three explosions; Ann Arbor, Flagstaff, and Des Moines. Authorities are looking at the lab that held the children and are also looking into an Inhuman connection.

At New Attilan the Secret Warriors emotions are no secret. They are pretty upset about the whole situation. The unwanted attention this has brought the whole Inhuman community has also brought the team ire from their peers. The attention I'm afraid will only get worse for the Inhuman community because their young Prince Ahura is the CEO of Ennilux. Ennilux was supplying Sinister and Dark Beast with equipment. Dark Beast intern used that equipment to do nefarious things with the test tube children.

At Ennilux offices everyone is really upset at the recent turn of events, especially when the policia show up. None of them are as upset as Prince Ahura though. Ahura demands answers from Karnak as to how Sinister got his hands on this equipment. Karnak tells him, "I gave it to them." Ahura then plans on turning Karnak over to the authorities, but Karnak explains that Ennilux will not survive the fallout without him since the equipment was illegal in the first place. Karnak then lays out a contingency plan for the ages.

Ahura goes to turn himself into the Policia and to set Karnak's plan in motion. He is interrupted in this process by Inferno and Magik. Who have come looking for Karnak. A fight breaks out. Inferno is really just still trying to find his niece and is getting really desperate in this process being drawn out so long. The Prince tells him to start by checking abandoned S.H.E.I.D. bases.

Meanwhile, back at New Attilan we see that the Inhumans have gathered all the remaining test tube children and are rendering whatever Sinister did to them inert. After a little reprimanding by Iso, the Inhumans leader, about not bringing the children there first for a full check up before sending them home. Iso is truly surprised that Karnak is involved. Quake tells Iso the proof comes in the form of Leer, Karnak's son. Leer was one of the first children to be experimented on and Karnak allowed it to happen. Iso asks where Leer is now?

We find out Devil Dinosaur has been babysitting him in a nice little comic relief moment in the middle of this child abduction and child explosion talk.

Inferno and Magik show back up at New Attilan looking defeated. Inferno lashes out with his words and stomps off to his room. Quake suggest they all take a break for a moment, and Lunella asks Magik for a lift to go get Leer and Devil Dinosaur.

We jump back to Ennilux and to how Karnak plans to save the company. It is simple really. He stashed money in offshore stuff and blamed everything on Ahura. Explaining the betrayal to Ahura as not a betrayal since he said he would save the company and a company is not its people a company is its money and possessions.

At New Attilan Ms. Marvel has arrived at Inferno's room to comfort him with lunch and probably some annoying banter. Unfortunately for her Quake has already...relieved his worries (probably all over her face, neck, and chest). Leaving Ms. Marvel salty also. Quake explains to Inferno that Ms. Marvel was salty because she has a crush on him, and he should probably go after that also, because she was just wanting a one and done not a boyfriend. Which was not a Kosher statement for Inferno sending him storming out again.

Inferno runs into Moon Girl, Devil Dinosaur, and Leer on his quest to talk to Ms. Marvel. In the course of the conversation Inferno has with the creepy kid Leer, the last piece of the puzzle of how he is going to get his niece back falls into place.

There are Terrigenisis crystals in the Throne! And, while Inferno was pumping Quake he was also pumping her for information on old S.H.E.I.L.D bases. I'm being a little crude for comedic value. This is all done tastefully enough. Quake is basically born from the CW shows which are totally new age soap opera like shows. I'm going to over look the forced convience of all of this, given the fact, that this series wraps up in two issues from now.

Bits and Pieces:

I am saddened by the news of the cancelization of Secret Warriors. This has been a fun team book. Happily I will review this book till its conclusion. I am also glad to hear Rosenburg is getting another team book after this series, New Mutants. After all the enjoyment I got out of reading this team book, my resolution in buying that mini series is concrete. I hope you do the same.


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