Saturday, February 10, 2018

Armstrong and the Vault of Spirits #1 Review

Noah and the Ale

Written by: Fred Van Lente
Art by: CAFU and Darick Robertson
Publisher: Valiant
Review by: Andrew McAvoy

Armstrong and the Vault of Spirits is a self-contained one-shot giving us Armstrong's very first solo outing in the history of the Valiant Universe. It also has me wondering how long wine can be stored for before turning into a dusty vinegar. Apparently quite a while (according to a quick google) - let's see why I'm asking that question and more...

Well apparently, ever since way back in days of old, Aram Anni-Padda – the inebriated immortal (now known as Armstrong) – has found himself caught up in quite a few memorable adventures...and, for each and every one, he's socked away a bottle of wine to mark its passing. Well a considerable amount of time has now passed and after...well around five millennia...he's about to host a little wine evening in his vault. 

This was a pretty great little issue and we had the company of Archer, Faith, Quantum and Woody, Punk Mambo, and more. Intersected with the contemporary events we are told the story of Noah (between this and Dark Ark from Aftershock I'm well versed on the book of Genesis) and how he ended up drunk and naked in the days after the flood. It involved drinking a lot of wine that Armstrong had stored up for himself. Oh well, at least he managed to save one bottle from the post-Flood vineyards and he's ready to crack it open at last!

Bits and Pieces

I have to say that I find that Valiant are putting out some of the highest quality books at the minute and I hope that this wonderfully balanced little universe doesn't fall victim to the changes to personnel behind the scenes. This issue was fun as well, and it would serve as a nice little entry point for new fans. Okay so the story itself was a little bit lightweight but it was a fun tale, and I enjoyed it. Now pass the wine. 


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