Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Marvel Madness Comics Podcast Ep. 39

Ep.#39: Punisher: The Platoon, The Avengers, Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider, Phoenix Resurrection / Marvel Madness Comics Podcast

We got an episode packed full of maybe the most books we’ve ever discussed in one Podacst, mostly because we’re slackers though and didnt discuss Avengers last week. However, in very unslacker like fashion we also bring to you the full conclusion of the Jean Gray Saga, so its a little give in and take with us. Tune in and find out what happened in (mostly) this weeks Marvel titles! Like always you know how we do things, we get deep into details, and discuss whether or not to buy, borrow, or forget the following titles:

Punisher: The Platoon #5
The Avengers #677 & 678
Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #13
Phoenix Resurrection #5 & Jean Gray #11

In between books we discuss no news this week but I slid the jingle in anyway because I like it, there’s a clip from Bill Murray angry about Groundhog Day, and a classic 80’s PSA all about life without trees. It all ends with a mini rant about an old Marvel story What If the Hulk Killed Wolverine.

Bang that follow button and join us for any shenanigans that follow ... you may not be disappointed!

SPOILER ALERT: all books are talked about in detail with all reveals being discussed. Read your titles first or listen at your own risk.

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