Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Green Arrow #37 Review

After the Fire

Written by: Ben Percy
Art by: Juan Ferrerya and Deron Bennett
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 7, 2018

While I haven't fully enjoyed Ben Percy's insistence on never letting a villain die in this book, I did enjoy the battle royale that was the result of it last issue.  I have been eagerly anticipating Ollie's trial, but a knock-down, drag 'em out brawl is good now and again.  Of course, it ended with a cliffhanger that couldn't possibly be true...Emiko dead with an arrow in her chest!  I mean, she is my favorite character in the book, doesn't Percy know that?  Doesn't he?!?!  So, does it all work out and do we get any closer to the Trial of the Century?  Let's find out...

The issue opens where we left off...Ollie holding Emiko and wondering where and when it all went wrong.  We get a nice little narration that shows how much Oliver has matured and if you are older (like me, unfortunately), it's something that you've probably already learned yourself, just not in such dramatic circumstances I hope.

We then get the continuation of the "Moira is an awful person" campaign headed by herself and then Dante (will he just go away!) turning the switch to make the tomb a deadlier version to the American Gladiator's obstacle course.  I told you I was old!

While Shado and Moira take turns throwing punches and insults at each other, Ollie gets some good news on the Red Arrow front before Dinah tells him to get moving to save his sister.  It's then Canary versus Merlin, Diggle versus Merlin and Moira and Shado versus gravity.  While it looks like not everyone made it out, I have a feeling that is not really the case.

We then head off to check in on Wendy Poole.  If you don't remember, the last we saw of her, she was being creeped on by Detective Ros and while he made quick work of his partner, he has been pretty slow on the draw when it comes to disposing of Ollie's best chance at a successful trial.  The best part of this scene, however, is finally seeing that Kate Spencer is as kick-ass as I was hoping she would be.  She does need to work a bit on the trash talk, but that will hopefully come in time.

We then see that Emi is okay and get the line that I was sure was going to come earlier in the issue ("you called me Red Arrow") before going off to what I've been waiting months for...Ollie's trial!  Yep, the issue ends with Oliver "suiting up" and heading off to trial as the big heroes of the DCU look on and the fate of Star City hangs in the balance.

This is a quick read that hits a bunch of right notes as we finally get to the trial.  Diggle coming back suddenly felt a little forced, but I do like the idea of Team Arrow and will take it.  It will be no surprise that I love Juan Ferrerya's art because I always do, but it's the fact that I really liked this issue that has me pumped.  The timing couldn't be better as I can't wait to see how Percy handles the trial and hope it all leads to Seattle being put back on the map.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue of Green Arrow is action-packed, has great art and has me pumped for Ollie's upcoming trial.  Ben Percy puts some of his usual agendas on the back burner this month and the result is a fun issue I can recommend.  Keep them coming like this and Green Arrow will certainly shoot up my pile.


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