Monday, February 26, 2018

Daredevil #599 Review - Marvel Monday

Death Defying Leaps in Logic 

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Ron Garney
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: February 21, 2018

Cover Price: $3.99

The Mayor Fisk story continues here, and with this issue, I'm hoping the story picks up some momentum. Muse just murdered six cops. Let us see how Mayor Fisk plans to use that fact to his advantage.

We open to Daredevil (apparently) a few days after the cop massacre. Daredevil is trying to meditate so he can clear his mind and locate Muse. Muse pulls sensory data to himself like a vortex, so DD is looking for a spot in the city devoid of sound.

It's here that Soule wants you to believe that Mayor Fisk has gotten so far under Matt's skin that he can not find Muse. I'm not buying it though. Because I don't believe the tension was built up properly. Maybe that is just me?

As Daredevil continues to try to focus, we find out how Fisk turned the tragedy of six cops having been murdered by Muse into a positive spin for his war on Heroes.

The Punisher did it.

How does Mayor Fisk convince people the Punisher killed six cops? Well, the mural is of the Punisher (duh). It is so stupid in my opinion. The painting has Muse's name on it. There was two girls that saw Muse at the scene. The public knows Muse is a murder. The cops know how the Punisher operates. I mean come on! When has there ever been a crime scene involving the Punisher where only one bullet was fired? This whole scene is NONSENSE! I'm also supposed to believe that Daredevil waited days to try and find Muse using his meditation technique? Apparently, since people had time to organize protests across the city. Soule tries to keep it a little ambiguous by saying not everyone believes it but enough people do. The problem is Soule didn't do enough to sell it to the readers! I see what Soule is trying to do. He is trying to force Kingpin/Donald Trump comparisons and really it's low hanging fruit and Soule is a better writer than this.

Back to Daredevil, he concentrated so hard his nose bled, but he couldn't locate Muse. Because Fisk is so under Matt's skin. Good thing Blindspot came back from China a dick. Because he is there to mock Daredevil for failing four times at locating Muse with his " little trick ". He also accuses Matt of wanting the Mayoral seat for himself and ridicules him for breaking promises. Good Times!

We jump forward to the next day at City Hall. Where Matt does some more begging. He is trying to convince Fisk to allow the Super Heroes to go after Muse. Mayor Fisk isn't having it of course. Fisk says he is organizing a rally at Central Park and he wants Matt to be there or he will make his life a living hell.

Back in Chinatown, we get more of dickhead Blindspot. He is trying to prepare plans to capture Muse. When his sister finds him. Apparently, he hasn't stopped by and told his little sister that he is alive and well. Not to mention that their mother is dead. (I guess his sister is one hell of a hard coffee worker to afford the apartment that her whole family used to live in. By herself for months.) That doesn't seem to matter much because Blindspot seems to say his goodbyes to his sister as if they will never see each other again. (At this point I hope it's true cause Blindspot is a fucking downer now.)

Back to City Hall with Fisk. As Fisk stares out the window and stews about the Daredevil mural. He calls Wesley and tells him to get rid of them. He wants Sanitation to paint over them before tonight's rally. (To this I say good luck because six of the seven murals are many stories in the air. The amount of time, people, and resources it would take to do that in a few hours would be mind-boggling.) Then, I turn the page to see Blindspot shooting green paint from a fire extinguisher across the street. Covering the whole building wide mural in seconds in an attempt to antagonize Muse and bring him out of hiding.

It works Muse shows up and shoves Blindspot off the roof. ( I guess Blindspot's blind spot is behind him.)  Next, we see Daredevil has gathered New York's finest superheroes to take down Kingpin.

Bits and Pieces:

There have been way too many leaps in logic for my taste in this arc. Also, too many moments where you just have to fill in the blanks yourself. I love Garney's art, but frankly, he is not using a style impressive enough to help the nonsense being written in this title.


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