Saturday, March 3, 2018

Gasolina #6 Review

Watching the detectives

Written by: Sean Mackiewicz
Art by: Niko Walter
Colors by: Matt Lopes
Publisher: Image
Review by: Andrew McAvoy

This issue sees us reunited with Detective Arguello. Old Arguello may think that he has seen enough horrors over the course of his career. Investigating the monsters of Los Queridos is about to push him past his breaking point…let's see what its all about in the final issue of Gasolina's first arc.

First though, let us pause to appreciate how beautiful this book looks. Interior art, sublime - like watching a David Fincher movie. Cover, oooh-wee! Fine indeed - love that old school sneaker homage with the handgun in the center. Nice. Finally, what a great use of panels in this book, whether it be a series of long wide panels showing incremental changes (see below), a middle section of three panels bookended by two wide panels (see directly above), or a series of almost thumbnail panels showing incremental mood changes, this was great. This type of thought and consideration really draws a lot out from a book, especially one packed full of considered storytelling and great art.

The story itself is a complete scene shift, away from Randy and Amalia, back to Detective Arguello who we haven't seen since back at the start of this series. This time he is dealing with the usual low-lifes trying to shake down the culprits for what appears to be the sheer slaughter and dismemberment of 27 women in the club of a notorious gangster. We also get some insights into the character of Arguello and after the events of this issue we are confident that he is one of the last honest cops in the business. I get the sense that this trust will be important as the story develops.

Bits and pieces

This book continues to surprise and weave its story at its own unique pace. It isn't rushing and the scene change in this issue reminds us that we are looking at a much broader context than simply the events on the farm. The events that occurred in the most recent issues are part of a bigger play. A close to the first arc that doesn't tie things up, rather it sets the scene for the events still to come. I don't mind - I'm in this one for the long haul and it has been a rewarding experience to date.


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