Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Detective Comics #975 Review

It's on Like...

Written by: James Tynion
Art by: Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernadez and Brad Anderson
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 28, 2018

DC Comics tells us that #975 is an anniversay and I guess I'll play along.  I wonder if that's the cellophane anniversary or something else.  I'm sure it's something else!  So, is the Trial Of Batwoman worthy of the extra pages and higher pricetag?  Let's find out...

The issue opens up with a couple of flashbacks that remind the reader that Kate and Bruce are family, but also do a great job in showing how they differ when it comes to certain...things.  I liked it a lot especially since I think that Tynion has neglected this angle a bit during this run of Detective Comics.

We then head off to Burnside where Dick and Barbara have a nice chat about photographic memory and studying and that they have been called to Gotham by Batman to decide the fate of Batwoman.  There is a cool mention aboout Tim being more behind it all than Bruce before heading to the manor.

At the manor, Damian proves that Cass is totally kick-ass (though I know that wasn't his intent!) and we get the first of the reintroductions of the Bat Family to Tim.  I know you can argue that the Bat Family has been around since Tim came back from the dead (they did help out during the Future Tim story), but the nonchalont talk here threw me off a bit.  The scene continues with Alfred taking Cass away from the meeting which I understand, but still think is bullshit! It ends down in the cave with more small talk and Batman asking Damian, Tim, Dick, Jason and Barbara to decide what they will do with Batwoman.

That's when we head off to see Kate and with the help of Luke (acting as her Oracle of sorts) is taking down Gorilla Boss.  Yep, Gorilla Boss!  It looks great and is good fun with plenty of Donkey Kong references, but really feels like filler as we head back to the Cave.

After an odd feeling Tim Drake origin story and a reference to Batman Eternal (No!!!!), Tim gets on his high horse and gives Batwoman the thumbs down.  It continues with Dick saying to give her a bit of a probation, Damian being a dick to everyone and Jason saying Kate stays.  Then Batgirl drops some major knowledge bombs about why Batman allowed Tim to start up the Gotham Knights program and says that the only one who can decide Kate's fate is...Kate.  Pretty powerful stuff there!

The issue ends with Kate visiting her mother's grave and telling her and the reader why she did what she did and while I see it now, I'll admit that's not what I thought a couple of issues ago.  Then we get the cliffhanger that is not shocking in it's happening, but shocking in what it will do to this book and possibly even Kate's solo one.

While the idea of the Trial was a bit misleading and we really don't get that much more storywise, I liked this issue.  The art was great and I liked what we got from some of the Bat Family (Jason and Babs) as we head towards a bit of a different book.  While I'd rather see what Ulysses is up to, I'll deal with Kate and Colony as the bad guys and gals if it continues to give us a look into the more human side of Batman and his relationship with his Family.

Bits and Pieces:

While there isn't really a trial going on here, we get the Bat Family, some great art and a microscope on what Batman has really been up to since Rebirth started.  It all leads to clear sides being drawn, but not in the way you might have expected and I'm okay with it.



  1. This was finally a decent issue of detective that I could get behind. Between the bat kids I found everyone but one characters answer credible to how they've been written, and that was Barbara, since when can Batgirl put together a smart and insightful group words. And I'm sorry to say Damian was spot on since every writer likes to forget tomasi's run. I loved all the shade being thrown at Tim, especially babs. And good on you Jason for being the one guy who's going to back his family up, black Sheep's Unit.

    1. lol...Damian is just done being anything but a miserable jerk! Thought the shade was odd since we never really got anything with these characters talking to Tim after he returned from the "dead"

  2. Batgirl looked and acted great in this issue. If her solo title were anything like this portrayal, I wouldn't have dropped it shortly after Rebirth.

  3. Long time Fellas, I actually think Barbara's voice here is true to her pre-burnside era, you know, back when she actually interacted with the Bat-family. So this is actually spot on for me. Kinda like she got dragged back from her doing her own thing after college, and right into her family's drama (And they wonder why we don't visit as much).
    Tynion nails the whole pre-52 Family here, and it's nice to see the originals back together for once, as opposed to the mish-mash of pretty much EVERY character Bruce has stumbled over in the past 5 years and decided to take on as a trainee/ protege/ worshiper.
    "Hey, are you homeless, an orphan, maybe a cheerleader with "grit? Or perhaps you just live in Gotham currently? Come and join the Bats! We've got dental insurance"

    Anyway, the idea that Batman has an 'inner council' is a great way to honor those characters. What I appreciate most about this issue though, is that Tynion is throwing a bit of caution to the wind , and just like in the beginning of this run, he's making reference to a past that no one has technically seen, and trying to establish a greater legacy that seems to connect some of the older pre-52 continuity dots.
    It's a step in the right direction, and I think this was a great issue.

    I've posted way late though, and no one's going to see this.
    Meh. 8/10 for me!


    1. i saw it!!! i do like seeing the family together and this is better batgirl than what we have been getting. tynion is leaving the book in may so may not lead to much going forward