Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Raven: Daughter of Darkness #2 Review and **SPOILERS**

I have no mouth and I must yawn

Raven: Daughter of Darkness #2

"A Look of Fear"
Writer: Marv Wolfman 
Artist: Pop Mhan 
Colorist: Lovern Kindzierski 
Letterer: Saida Temofonte 
Cover Price: $3.99 
On Sale Date: February 28, 2018

Hey, did we already drop the "The Girl With Anime Eyes" story title?  Sure looks that way.

Wonder what that might mean...

Before we get there, let's briefly chat about Raven.  Did you ever hear the one about her father being Trigon the Terrible?  Yeah?  Well, we're about to again.

Picking up where we left off, Raven faces (heh!) off with Azar... er, Azure... er, the titular Girl With the Anime Eyes.  She is pinned down, and her head flooded with images of her father, Trigon the Terrible.  Oh, you didn't know?  Raven is totally the daughter of Trigon the Terrible.  Never forget that.

Azure vanishes soon after, and Raven returns home.  She is alerted to the fact that her friend's Grandmother is succumbing to illness at the hospital.  While her friends and family patiently wait in the hospital waiting room... Raven decides to have a peek.

Now... I get that Raven's whole "thing" is (well, outside of her being the daughter of Trigon the Terrible) she's a "fish out of water".  She checks in on Teri's Grandmother, and realizes there's nothing she can do to help her... and while resigned to her inability, she also comes off as somewhat surprised.  This isn't Raven's first day on Earth, right?

Compounded with that, is a later scene where Raven and Company decorate the family Christmas Tree.  Raven is confused as to why they do this.  I mean, Raven's been here long enough to have experienced "Christmas" at least once before, right?  Like, even if she didn't participate... she knows what it is, right?  
Ehh, maybe I'm overthinking it.

The second half of the issue is where the action happens.  Raven witnesses Azure meet her fate... and kind of loses herself in her empathic hoo-doo.  A decent scene... but not terribly interesting.  We don't know anything about Azure at the point... and, speaking personally, I'm just fine with that.  I don't feel any need to "meet" her.  Hell, I've "known" Raven for a quarter-century, and I still can't connect with or invest any emotional interest in her.

So yeah, some "stuff" happens... but at the end of the day, it's just not all that interesting.  At least it looks nice!

Bits and Pieces

There's a heavy emphasis on Raven being a fish out of water... and there's some tugging on threads from the opening chapter.  This story already feels a bit stretched... it will be interesting to see how they keep it rolling for another ten issues.


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