Thursday, March 1, 2018

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 2/28/18

Get In Where You Fit In

Huh?! Who's that?? Covers? Wha...? It's that time again, folks, that I list five comic book covers that came out from DC Comics this week, and comment on them in such a way as to imply that they are getting better as they go along. It's a fun and silly exercise, won't you play with me?

Wonder Woman #41 variant
Jenny Frison
When you see a Jenny Frison variant show up on the list, you know there were slim pickings in the cover department. And it's not really fair of me, since every cover she's done has been an absolutely gorgeous picture, the sort of thing you wouldn't mind framing and hanging on your wall. These pictures, however, do not make very compelling comic book covers. Feel free to gawk at the beauty anyway.

Imaginary Fiends #4
Richard Pace
What's that? A Vertigo title in the mix? Truth be told, they've been part of the weekly covers consideration for some weeks now, but this is the first time one has made the list. Partly because I was unmoved by many of the other covers, but also because it really creeps me out. Drawing our eyes to the center of the image is good composition, but really it's the monster drawing children to its bosom that does it for me.

The Ruff and Reddy Show #5 variant
Mac Rey
"Hello, DC Comics? Can I get a really quick lesson in color and composition over the phone right now, please?" "Look, we don't have time for this shit. Just take a look at the cover to Ruff and Reddy Show numbah five and let the efficiency wash over yer dumb ass."

Batgirl #20 variant
Joshua Middleton
Well, this is pretty flipping impressive. I sort of wish the interiors were colored like this for once, though I suppose that's probably a tall order. Boy! Joshua Middleton's been killing it on the variant covers for Aquaman, and he's killing it here. And it actually ties in with the story! That's good stuff.

Action Comics #998 variant
Francis Manapul
Is this the second time I got suckered into a classic cover depicting Superman? Looks like as we near the one-thousand mark, I'm getting all nostalgic and wistful. Francis Manapul uses color and light to create something well within his tremendous artistic capabilities. Would you like to put your name on a list for a print now? I recommend it.


  1. No epic Kyle Rayne cover from Hal Jordan and the GLC 39?? You're killing me Reggie XD

  2. The Action Comics #998 variant was actually by Kaare Andrews. They swapped it at some point after the initial solicitation. But definitely best cover of the week.