Saturday, March 17, 2018

No. 1 With A Bullet #5 Review

An eye for the detail

Written by: Jacob Semahn
Art by: Jorge Corona
Colors: Jen Hickman
Publisher: Image Comics
Reviewed by: Andrew McAvoy

This book has been one of my favorites in recent memory. I love the quirky art by Jorge Corona, and I think the story has been driving towards a really dramatic conclusion as the issues pass by. Let's see how this issue fares...

It is a case of getting darker and darker. Nash Huang's ordeal and trauma has now spread deeper to those who have been closest to her, and this issue is very much a hunt for her ex, Violet Reynolds. Reynolds is the prime suspect for the cops in hunting down the responsible party for the death of her old boss Jad Davies.

An interesting detail from the book is the fact that the cops suspect Reynold's but won't put the fact that they aren't deeming Davies' death as murder in the public eye. They are happy for him to be portrayed as a suicide case to prevent cranks and phonies coming forward to claim responsibility for murder. Instead they want to have peace and quiet to focus on their hunt for Reynolds.

 The effect of this, however, is for Davies to be portrayed in the public glare as a guilt-stricken victim of suicide, and for even more social media "blame" to be thrown at Nash, who is arguably more traumatized that Jad ever was.

Bits and pieces

This book really spears the fickle and dull-minded forum of social media. The writing is clean and crisp. We are left with a really traumatic cliffhanger with this issue. This is a really clever series with uniquely quirky and stylish art and layout. I really, dearly want to continue on with the stories of these characters and continue to visit this world after the conclusion of this storyline. I understand, however, that it will finish after this arc and I am really saddened by that fact. I love everything about this book.


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