Saturday, March 17, 2018

Postal: Laura #1 Review

Mama, I killed a man

Written by: Bryan Edward Hill
Art by: Isaac Goodhart
Colors by: K. Michael Russell
Publisher: Image Comics
Reviewed by: Andrew McAvoy

Whilst reviewing comics that are terrible is obviously an unpleasant experience, the reverse of that is when you stumble across brilliance that you probably wouldn't have otherwise come across. I was chatting to some of the Get Fresh Crew (whop whop whop!) this week and had mentioned my bizarre introduction to the Postal books, reading issue 25 first before working my way back through the dark history of Eden. I'm hooked and am really pleased to see the one-shots appearing.

This week saw the release of the latest one-shot book Postal: Laura. Wow. The art was amazing, let's get that out there first of all. The artwork from Goodhart, coupled with Russell's glorious colors. Wow. From page one to the very end it glows on the page. Excellent work.

The storyline is great too. We find out how the lives have moved on since the end of the main series and Mark, now Mayor has to chart his own way forward. He hasn't gone that mild-mannered, and the law of an eye for an eye is still meted out with severity. Not that he is unfair - he happily lays out the punishment for breaking all the bones in a criminal's hand, as opposed to shooting him in the hand. He's not exactly an adherent to the philosophy of the Sermon on the Mount.

Laura is back from the dead, and Mark has a baby...although it ends up in the household through more unorthodox means than you'd expect. It is such an interesting storyline, and it seems to have miles to run yet. I have the feeling that there are many more Eden-based tales on the way.

Bits and Pieces

Art great, coloring great, storyline great. This book works brilliantly if you've read the whole series. It will work brilliantly as an introduction to the series. Either way, I highly recommend.


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