Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Supergirl #19 Review

A Very Special Episode

Written by: Steve Orlando and Vita Ayala
Art by: Jamal Campbell and Carlos M. Mangual
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 14, 2018

It's a shame that this book has been canceled, not because I think it has been a stupendous run, but because I love Supergirl. Sure, Steve Orlando keeps showing Kara as a hero, but the dialogue and actual stories we keep getting haven't been great.  I really would settle for good at this point, but hey, that's just me.  So, with the end in view, does he tie things up and show that he was saving his best for last?  Let's find out...

The issue opens by reminding the reader that things aren't great for Supergirl.  There is still fallout from the whole Cyborg Superman deal and the main focus of the issue is on Ben Rubel as he tries to find something good about her to give him hope.  Besides that, we also get some Cameron Chase and Lar-On and no, it's not the werewolf detective book Eric wanted.

After a quick scene with those two getting ahold of Director Bones and Chase telling him to stop being a bad boy, we catch up with Ben who's interviewing possibly the only one who likes Supergirl in the National. 

Lee, who we find out is non-binary, was saved then befriended by Supergirl during the whole Cyborg Superman attack and afterward.  Steve Orlando does a good job of showing everyone that Supergirl is a great person and while I will never scoff at that, I don't think there ever was a doubt she was, is and will be.  Plus, Lee just shows up for this issue and I wish there was more of a setup. 

Being friends with Supergirl does give Lee the strength to come out to Lee's Parents, but things are still tough at school.  That is until Supergirl tries to help Lee with a bully, but Orlando does the right thing and lets Lee take care of the problem.  It's a little forced and feels a lot like a very special episode of (insert either Different Strokes or Facts of Life), but again, I can't fault it too much because its heart is in the right place.

Ben takes all of this and posts it on Catco and it looks like this is the beginning of Supergirl's redemption in the National.  It makes sense, with such a limited time, Steve Orlando has to get everything back to a status quo that can go forward after he leaves the book and Supergirl continues somewhere without him.  The issue then ends with more Ben Rubel personal time then we've ever gotten and Supergirl showing up to help him next.

I said it above and I'll repeat it...Steve Orlando has his heart in the right place and if this issue helps anyone even look up what non-binary is, that's a win.  It still felt very forced at times and didn't have the feel of an issue in an ongoing series (more of an Annual feeling), but I think it's something Orlando wanted to do before leaving the book.  Will this change the world?  Sadly no, but it could do some good if it gets in the right (and even wrong) hands.   Now, if he could only give us Werewolf Detective Lar-On...

I loved Jamal Campbell's art so much.  He has never disappointed on anything he's been on in Rebirth and I really want to see more of him from here on out.

Bits and Pieces:

Steve Orlando's run on Supergirl is coming to a close and this issue seems to be a very personal one he wanted to tell before leaving.  Supergirl puts aside heroics to be a friend and an ear to talk to and in the end, that's a really good start.


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