Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Suicide Squad #37 Review and **SPOILERS**


Remember to Copy Your Floppy

Writer: Rob Williams 
Pencils: José Luis 
Inks: Jordi Tarragona 
Colors: Adriano Lucas 
Letters: Pat Brosseau 
Cover: Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez 
Cover Price: $2.99
On Sale Date: March 14, 2018


I seem to recall the core members of the Suicide Squad dying in a great explosion at the end of the last issue. Clearly, that won’t take. Have a gander at my review of Suicide Squad #37, right here!

Explain It!

When the Suicide Squad was blasted to smithereens at the end of the last issue, one reader in Peoria, Illinois actually thought that this was the end of the rebellious team of prisoners that the series is about. Perhaps they are new to this comic, or perhaps they forgot about Hack’s dubious ability to reform digitally-stored personalities into actual people, which was used early on to bring Captain Boomerang back from the dead. Maybe they forgot about it because this ability is such utter nonsense that one hoped it would never be brought up again. But the rest of us, more cynical types, knew that Hack could just burp out these characters into third dimensional space based of copies in Hack’s ethereal mainframe. Which begs some questions.
When were these versions created? Hack seems to imply that they were created back when she was still a functioning member of team, so she could teleport the Suicide Squad to wherever they needed to be. Which, incidentally, is not something she ever did. But if these copies were made back when Hack was still alive, that means that they haven’t been updated through several missions: the Suicide Squad’s tangling with the Justice League last year, Harley Quinn and Rick Flag’s romantic entanglement that ended when he slipped into the Phantom Zone, and the Enchantress love affair with Killer Croc that ended once he’d been badly burned by Red Wave not too long ago. And the narrative seems to imply that these are older versions, because Croc reverts to a less bestial form and Enchantress is hot for him again. But the rest of them don’t seem to acknowledge the fact that more than a year has been erased from their minds.
In the digital Tron world, Hack interrogates everyone to find out who killed her, and no one will snitch even though I don’t believe most of them even know the answer. Eventually, Captain Boomerang confesses that he was tasked by Harcourt to kill Hack, and he’s super apologetic, and the blokes on Task Force X are the best friends he’s ever had. At the last possible second, Hack congeals members of the Squad back into the real world—withholding Boomerang, ostensibly for further torture but most likely for some kind of further nonsense planned down the line. At the last moment, new government superhero The Wall blasts in and socks Hack around with some digital gloves, then he takes out the entire Suicide Squad with a thunder clap. So we end this issue in essentially the same place at the last one.
I feel like I’m saying the same things over and over about these series. It’s so drawn out, the stakes seem incredibly low and the conflicts are very forced in order to justify another issue in this story arc. It’s not necessary. I’m not sure what part The Wall will ultimately play, and that’s arguably the most interesting thing here, but if you haven’t been buying the series then don’t worry about catching up because he’s become a factor only now, several issues after his introduction. As for what’s going on with Hack and the Suicide Squad, it is complete nonsense. I hate the idea of people being stored digitally so they can be reformed later, I don’t really feel bad for Captain Boomerang despite his late-stage contrition, and the story still doesn’t know what to do with most of the characters involved. This series has become bloated arc after bloated arc, and I’m feeling more rattled than entertained.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue ends more or less the same way the last one did. So you can skip it and wait until something interesting happens. Unless you're one of those people that "ships" June Moon and Killer Croc, then this issue could be for you.


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