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Hunt for Wolverine #1 Review - Marvel Monday

Hunt for Wolverine #1

Writer: Charles Soule
Art Team: 1: David Marquez, Rachelle Rosenberg
2: Paulo Siquiera, Walden Wong, Ruth Redmond
Marvel Comics
Release Date: April 25, 2018
Cover Price: $5.99

Guess who’s back?!? 
(Special Late Review Edition)
Logan is back, really he has been since September, and the other people in the Marvel Universe seem to be slowly finding out about this right now in various ways. So in true comic book fashion we’re going to turn this into a one shot that spins out into four different mini-series ... see if you can keep up. Before we get ahead of ourselves though it all starts here folks, so get ready to pop your claws, as I tell you all about the Hunt for Wolverine #1 and my thoughts.

The issue begins with the Reavers who are feeling down and out, looking for a big score to get repairs for their broken bodies. Desperation has brought them to this not so bright idea of going to the site in which the X-Men have left Logan’s body to rest in an attempt to steal said body covered in adamantium to sell for money to the highest bidder. Like I said not the best thought out plan but for bad guys with a low success history what can you expect.

As they enter the cabin, in Alberta, Canada, the Reavers put their plan in motion but are quickly foiled when they hear the X-Men after setting off silent alarms. This leads obviously to a fight, then to a series of flashbacks which fill us in on the backstory of what’s happened since old Logan has passed on. I don't want to spoil all the events that occured but these were my favorite parts of a very expensive book that otherwise I didn't find worth the price of admission.

As we jump back into the present the big Mutant vs Reaver showdown ends up leading to what the Logan statue being in its present broken state, so no real surprises there. However Kitty Pryde realizes the real secret site Logan was buried at is also empty, leading them to begin the search, for a possibly now risen or stolen Wolverine.

As the issue concludes we’re provided hints of where Wolverine may really be, and what he may be doing, but I have my doubts what we’re shown is the real Wolverine at all. I think its another clone, or Weapon X type creation, just running around to throw us all off for now … mostly since the Hunt for Wolverine snippets we’ve seen in the back of random issues don't resemble this character much.

There is also some back up material that sets up the various mini’s coming, so your mileage may vary at this point in the title, unless your truly invested going forward by this point, but at least the art is all very good throughout the entire book so it's fun to look at, at the bare minimum.

Overall, the Hunt for Wolverine was a mixed bag for me, I was ultimately very excited for this issue but felt let down a touch in how it was executed overall. While there were certainly parts about the story I enjoyed, the Reaver fight just felt like filler to get us to what we already knew, and the developments provided were just that and not doven into at all … in a book for $5.99 I want less of a taste and more of a meal. In the end, although i really really enjoyed the art throughout this book, I didn't find it worth the investment required, and it even soured me a little bit more than I already was about the story coming out in 4 different mini’s. Just let me know when Logan gets his own book again, I'm sure they’ll fill me in enough when that kicks back off.

Bits and Pieces

Hunt for Wolverine #1 is ultimately a cash grab that might have been the best issue of X-Men Gold I've read in a long time but far from quenched my appetite for the real Logan, who I'm not sure is even featured in this book at all.


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