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Infinity Countdown #3 Review - Marvel Monday

Infinity Countdown #3 Review 

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Art Team: Mike Deodato Jr, Mike Hawthorne,
Aaron Kuder, Terry Pallot, Jordie Bellaire
Marvel Comics
Release Date: May 9, 2018
Cover Price: $4.99

Pym-Tron Making Moves

I personally haven't been the biggest fan of any of Marvel's event titles, or crossovers for that matter, lately but Infinity Countdown has begun to change that opinion with each coming issue.  I've been digging the characters that have been featured in this story so far, enjoyed the suprises provided throughout, and although I'm weary of the incoming tie-ins, if they too have the quality attached to them the series has so far I may have to dip my toe in that pond as well.  So I'll stop gushing now and provide a peek at issue three this week and some thoughts. Join me.

Last issues cliffhanger wrapped up with Adam Warlock arriving to witness the Sliver Surfer at the mercy of Pym-Ultron, who's in possession of the Soul stone, and who also has a shit load of bombs at his disposal that he's planning on unleashing at any moment now.

So yeah things seem bad at the start, and dont improve in the opening pages. Thankfully Warlock is able to save the Surfer  before he's fully transitioned into being under Pymtron's control, but this give Pymtron time to launch his bombs as he laughs like a mad man. Now I never thought Ultron was an espically interesting character but his merger with Pym has definetly been a cool character development Ive welcomed and hope sticks around.

The other big thread addressed this issue centers on the Guardians with the Novas fighting off the Chitauri and their leader Warbringer.  While this has been the story Ive felt most stagnant throughout this series it finally sees some welcome closure to a couple threads here.  The highlight of this section is when the team uses some awesome demonstrations of team work to get control of the Power Stone they were protecting but at the cost of possibly losing a member, for now, in the process.   

The book wraps up with another awesome cliffhanger after Warlock is able to heal the Surfer of his Ultron sickness. The Surfer is shown heading off to visit 'someone' as he seeks 'their' help ...  if you've been following Marvel Cosmic continuity as of late it will surely bring a smile to your face I promise you that but I dont want to spoil it here. 

Overall Infinity Countdown #3 continues to be a great series setting the stage for the coming summer event.  A lot of times the issues tasked with setting up an event coming later in the year will only talk around things, not really giving you a great feeling of whats to come, or really accomplish much at all.  Thats the oppisite approach Duggan and company have taken so far really making me anticipate the coming issues of this series each month with hype only building for whats to come.  The art continues to be fantastic too, making Adam Warlcok's return even more interesting, that its been so great to look at.  If you have any interest in the coming Infinity War event this summer the Countdown series has been worth a look without a doubt and continues to follow that trend.

Bits and Pieces

The Infinity Countdown series as a whole has suprised, in a good way, more and more with each issue providing plenty of story, filled with internesting developments, to make it worth a spot on your pull list. It certinly bucks the trend of recent Marvel events, that have varied in quality level, with a great pacing and a smooth consistent art style setting the stage for big things to come at an exciting clip.  I recommend taking a peek if you have any anticipation for this summers event (Infinity War) to come.


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