Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Immortal Men #2 Review

Reload Issue 1

Writer: James Tynion IV
Art Team: Ryan Benjamin, Richard Friend, David Baron
DC Comics
Release Date: May 9, 2018
Cover Price: $2.99

Issue one of Immortal Men was a bit of a mixed bag for me that introduced a whole bunch of characters for the readers to digest with a few concepts that didn't immediately grab me. With that being said I'm back for issue two because I'm not totally disinterested yet. So let's see if this crazy cast of characters has a better hook this time, shall we? Join me inside.

Issue two starts where one left off with Caden having his ass saved by the Immortal Men, as they continue their fight against the Bloodless. We got a brief but further explanation of the heroes (the Immortal Men's) powers as they display them in action once again over the course of the opening pages. For what it's worth, if you asked me to name all these characters two days from now I still don't think I could recall everyone in this title after the first two issues, but I do like Reload thus far I've decided … not surprisingly the character featured the most this issue.

Thinks loop back around to Caden eventually as he discovers that he appears to be the only individual walking around New York at this moment in time, a weird and not very well explored development. This eventually leads to Caden doing a little car hopping, before being thrown back into the action again, before finally on his path back home in which he thinks he’ll find safety.

Caden is greeted by yet another surprise, and another new character, the Bloodless monster’s creator named THE KILL, as he walks into his front door finding his parents dead. After a brief introduction to the Kill (a theme in this book), we see Camden’s power thus far seems to be lucky because the bad guy's attempts at killing him are foiled once again, as Reload and Stray arrive in the nick of time once more. Reload takes on the Bloodless and the Kill, as Stray takes Camden out over the edge of the apartment building, disappearing into the day as the issue wraps up.

Overall, issue two was very reminiscent to issue one in how the story felt and progressed, with a little development given to the characters already introduced, while throwing one more at us, before ultimately reaching a conclusion that didn’t even really get me excited at all again by the end. The cliffhangers definitely need some work, and with a bit more of the same from last issue everywhere else too, I’m having a hard time finding something to invest in right now. I need more than Caden running around from place to place as the Immortal Men save him for 'reasons'.

The art was decent but again not really living up to the billing of a book where artists are receiving top credit, so good, but not great like was expected. The lack of Jim Lee already should surprise nobody, one of the main draws of the book when it was announced, which is really a disappointment.

Bits and Pieces:

Immortal Men continues to limp out of the New Age of DC Heroes gate and hasn't done much to get readers attention after two issues. New characters are introduced before current characters are even developed in the least, especially Caden, which for the books focus so far is unforgivable.  These first two issues can be boiled down to 40 pages of Caden running from things so far. If you're in the mood for a slow burn, with new characters in the DC U, this might possibly be up your ally, but so far to me, I haven't seen enough to recommend it's worth jumping into at all just yet.


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  1. Yeah I pretty much agree about this weak beginning to the story. I'll give this book one more issue to hook me before I drop this. The only plus have is some of the unique power sets. Ghost Fists Ectoplasmic Manipulation is pretty much "Danny Phantom", Reload is by far my favorite power of Limited Time control, shooting a bullet and the rewinding the bullet back into the gun is pretty unique, and lastly Cadens powers which are as vague as Duke Thomas's powers. I think he can take memories from people and has prophetic Dreams. If he can gain experience from those memories like say one of my favorite comic book characters of All time Tony Chew(From the image book Chew) then can become a badass faster then later. The art was good and at least I have an idea of what there power is. I may get some heat for this opinion but truth is I've read worse....last week's batman.
    But this to me is a 6/10