Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wonder Woman #46 Review

Who Do You Worship?

Written By: James Robinson
Art By: Stephen Segovia, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Saida Temofonte
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: May 9, 2018

Darkseid is gone for now and the portal to Themyscira is closed.  So what's up next for our hero?  Well, it's time to see some affects from the ending to Metal, where Hawkman predicted some terrible things to come for our heroes and for Wonder Woman, that means the Dark Pantheon.  Let's jump into this issue and see how the start of our new arc goes and hope that it's paced out better than our last.  Let's check it out.

Right away in this issue you get a clear feeling of the first year of Wonder Woman during Rebirth because we jump to Veronica Cale and discover that she's been holding Cheetah captive pretty much as soon as she escaped ARGUS at the end of The Truth arc.  That being a cool way to start a story does come off a little odd here though because everything, like we had in the last arc feels really rushed to get us to the main focus of our story and that's the Dark Gods as they're called here.  I still like the name Dark Pantheon better, but I'll probably go back and forth with it.

Anyway, this issue is all about setting the stage for the coming of the new gods and like I said previously, it's really rushed to get us there, even when we break off to see Jason reunited with his adopted father, but that's only there to remind people about his mysterious armor.

All in all, this will give people who loved Greg Rucka's run a bit of nostalgia as they jump into this, but it's so fast moving that most of those feels will dissipate pretty quick as Wonder Woman herself is trying to play catch up to everything that's going on here.  With excellent art the whole way through, characters that I really enjoy added into this story and with a hell of a cliffhanger, this issue actually got me pretty excited for what's to come.  I only hope that the pace slows down a bit so that we can get everything we need out of the story.

Bits and Pieces:

While Wonder Woman's been a bit of a rocky book lately, this issue at least piqued my interest in this new arc and what it has to offer.  Is it perfect......... No, but it has some fun elements that kept me entertained and got me on board for at least the next issue.  I just wish the pacing of this book would slow down a bit because it just rushes over a lot of story that could have been told instead of just skipping where it needed these characters to be here.


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