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Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost #1 Review - Marvel Monday

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Written by Charles Soule
Art by Matteo Buffagni
Colours by Jim Charalampidis
Review by David Assall

Marvel fans have known about Wolverine’s return from the dead since last years legacy event. Now word has reached the Marvel universe. Logan’s body has disappeared and now the hunt for the Wolverine is on. First on the case is team Daredevil in Weapon Lost. This is a “noir” inspired comic so let’s join in the fun, grab a fedora, pour yourself a straight whiskey and read on to see if there is a wolverine lurking in the shadows of this comic...

What happens?

The main focus of Weapon Lost  #1 is Daredevil forming the team that he hopes will help him solve the case of the missing wolverine. The inhuman Frank McGee, Misty Knight, and the X-Man Cypher are all recruited to form an eclectic group in this issue that is mostly set up.


This issue takes its time setting up the premise and introducing characters and for the most part this works well. Charles Soule has experience with these characters and is the co-creator of Frank McGee so it’s no surprise that the dialogue between characters is natural and flows well.

The character introductions are done well and fit in with the noir tone. Frank McGee as the hardboiled ex-cop has an excellent back and forth with Daredevil as he is being recruited, up next Misty Knight is nursing a drink in a seedy bar when an armed gang storm in. She gets rid of them without even rising from her seat in a badass way by crushing an eight ball in her hand. She’s reluctant to join the team until she and Frank McGee bond over their shared histories as ex NYPD officers. Misty leads the team to a creepy cabin in the woods where they find X-Man Cypher in the midst of a mental breakdown due to him trying to decode the internet. The team manages to break him free but not before a mini-shootout. There are classic noir tropes throughout this issue so of course, it finishes in a diner where Cypher reveals the immensity of the task facing the team. Wolverine sightings in the past six months have been planet-wide.

The art and colours are of a high quality throughout particularly the facial expressions in the characters. Artist Matteo Buffagni has said he’s experimenting with a new style of blending shadows and character together just for this comic and hopefully this aspect will become more exaggerated as we get further into the story.

Bits and Pieces:

For some, the slow pace of this issue and the fact it’s all set up will be a downer. It’s true that you don’t get much more than what was said in the solicit. But for newcomers or Wolverine fans who don’t have much knowledge of Daredevil the information given is essential. By the end of the comic, we know all the characters back stories and powers. Charles Soule has said that in classic noir style this tale will have a slow burn leading to an explosive ending and a major revelation. So readers patience should be rewarded.


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