Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Batman #51 Review

I Hold This Issue In Contempt

Written By: Tom King
Art By: Lee Weeks, Elizabeth Breitweiser, Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 18, 2018

The Wedding is off and Bane's plan to break the Bat.......... or some such nonsense has been fulfilled.  Now that nobody got what they wanted from the previous issue, let's jump into the exciting world of jury duty, where Bruce Wayne will have to decide whether or not Mr. Freeze is guilty of a crime......... Even though Bruce has a personal connection with both Batman and Mr. Freeze that is known by the public and would never be selected for jury duty.  Let's check it out.

So with this issue we're thrown into Tom King's version of Twelve Angry Men, where we learn that Mr. Freeze is on trial for murder and nothing about this issue ever feels like it has happened before.......... I mean, Commissioner Gordon gets on the stand and he's acting like he's never had to answer questions about Batman's involvement with the GCPD before and by the end we're just given a ridiculous story that would never take place so that we can see how unhinged Batman has become.......... Spoilers....... he rips a urinal off the wall and yells.  

Really though, the bare minimum of dialog from our hero, like you've come to expect with a scenario that doesn't make sense within itself........ just a situation that is forced with no real thought put behind it.

While Lee Weeks does a fine job with most of the art in this issue, some of it just felt muddy to me, which could fall on the colorist, but for the most part I enjoyed the art in this issue, I just wish I could get behind the story, which if it did make sense......... still feels kind of boring for a Batman story that kind of padded out the issue to only get to the twist ending that you could see a mile away.

Bits  and Pieces:

Batman continues to disappoint with a story that doesn't make sense within itself to get the setup that we need to see it.  It's just more forced nonsense that's trying to show our hero unhinged after his failed matrimony, but everything in this issue comes off feeling ridiculous at the parts when it's not just out right boring.



  1. Thank you! My gripes about this issue is why Bruce would even be considered for jury duty for this case. Logic is out the window because "comics" and it's a poor excuse to force the issue of a failed wedding.

  2. In a parallel universe, I think this setting could show how Gotham is corrupted to the core and beyond any hope. The system doesn't work:Bruce Wayne shouldn't be accepted by the defence attorney, but the defence attorney doesn't care, or he's swayed by his millionaire charisma. The people of the jury don't take their civic duty seriously at all, they rely on the batman to be right and give up doing their job. There's no case at all, no evidences, the confession can't be used as an evidence, and nobody cares. The fact that Bruce accepted to even be there, as the judge and jury of himself, is a slap in the face of the law. Fuck the due process of law, the Batman is above that.

    But here we are, it's not about Gotham or the Batman's existence, it's about Bruce being oh-so-human and Bane breaking his soul for a change.

  3. Thank you guys for not sucking on Tom King's **** like many other reviewers and for being honest of this absolute nonsense book!

    1. Id love to say its our pleasure...but its not

  4. Perhaps there's a reason Bruce wasn't dismissed through a peremptory challenge or challenge for cause during voire dire? I haven't read the issue. I dropped it after #22.

    1. No reason is given...he is just accepted and is on the jury.

  5. Eric Shea continues to disappoint with a review that doesn't make sense within itself to get the idea that we need to see it. It's just more forced nonsense.