Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Justice League of America Giant #1 Review

Wonder Woman: The Conversion

Written by: Tim Seeley
Art by: Nick Leonardi, Steve Buccellato, and Travis Lanham
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: July 1, 2018

Also Includes:

Justice League - Origin Part 1
The Flash - Move Forward Part 1
Aquaman - The Trench Part 1

In a country torn apart by conflict, Wonder Woman comes face to face with Ares, God of War - who sees her as a promising new recruit!
Tim Seeley opens his story in Alegab, Bialya and things are a bit hairy from the get-go.  Steve Trevor is in the house and he's looking very Chris Pine like as he is reassuring some locals that the tank rolling down the street isn't going to blow them up.  Why is he so sure?  Because Wonder Woman is there to save the day, rip apart the tank and face the baddies.

Things move pretty quickly and Seeley makes sure Wonder Woman tells everyone about herself as well as use her lasso.  The entire issue seems to want to tap into the Wonder Woman movie (and why not?!?) so when Ares shows up it gives hints that it's not in the current comic book continuity, but that's okay since I didn't really expect any of these new stories to be 100% for the Continuity Kid, Eric Shea.

Ares doesn't stick around for long, but what he does and what happens after his departure gives Seeley ample opportunity to show that Diana can kick-ass, give a quick origin and then stress her best features...her bravery and compassion for everyone, ally and enemy alike.

This little one-shot story is what I expected from these Wal-Mart Giant issues.  Again, if you have been reading comics most of your life, there may not be enough here to warrant a purchase, but if you or someone you know (son or daughter maybe) liked the Wonder Woman movie and/or wants to get into comics, this is a pretty good way to start.  The art and story are both good here and the three back-issues included are some of the best from the beginning of the New 52 and are easily worth the price tag all by themselves.

** Add one and a half points if you haven't read the three back issues...you are in for a treat jumping into those! **

Bits and Pieces:

Tim Seeley gives new readers (especially fans of the Wonder Woman movie) a nice little story to get into Wonder Woman and comics in general.  Yea, longtime fans may not get much out of it, but these Giant issues are more about getting new fans and this just might do it.  It's not going to change the world, but maybe it will get a girl or boy interested in Wonder Woman and that's pretty awesome!


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