Monday, July 16, 2018

Eden #1 Review

Writer and Penciller: Eric Henson
Inker: Michael Babinski
Colorist: Stephen Downer
Letterer: Rober Doan
Publisher: Alterna Comics
$1.50 USD
Reviewed By Wheezy

I was not sure how to approach this comic book, being the first Alterna comic material I have ever read and unfortunately, the price point did not raise my expectations. There was room for me to surprised, so let's find out if that happened.

The opening scenes definitely drop the reader in cold, the trio of protagonists amidst the top of a large building jumping off with the explanation the Earth has been taken over by a brutal alien race and there is something dubious going which ties into the leader of our group's son going missing.

The issue spends a few pages on building the world and the aliens that inhabit it, and how they are linked to protecting the secret. The group manages to gain passage via what seems to be a giant leech, that they escape from in graphic fashion. There is an enemy waiting for them which they had encountered before and dispatch a little too easily and gain the knowledge they need to continue in the quest for the Generals missing son.

From a narrative point of view there is not much more to it than that really, the problems with dropping the audience in with no background is you then have to feed that to them, some authors do this with excellence leaving you to want more, wherein this issue it feels very face value, meaning we will explain this part because its relevant to the next panel. Unfortunately, this runs throughout the issue meaning it is a little wordy at times and the very nature of the world means there will probably be no rules established, this is why I generally stay away from fantasy books mostly. The character interaction was quite generic along with the story, the tough-talking, competent heroine, with the wisecracking sidekick twinned with a mysterious alien means the plot developments will probably follow suit.

Bits and pieces

Going off the above it won’t be a shock that this gets a low score, there are some brilliant art panels, just the story doesn’t quite match, this issue felt too much like a video game, beat the big bad who holds a grudge and move onto the next level. Having said that for $1.50 you can’t expect too much and I have read worse books form the bigger companies who have significant backing, that being said the story just wasn’t engaging enough for this reviewer and the sixty-day wait might prove to be too long for some, hopefully, the quest gets more interesting in the next three issues.


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