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Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk #4 Review - Marvel Monday

Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk #4

Writer: Chris Sims, Chad Bowers
Art Team: Gang Hyuk Lim
Marvel Comics
Release Date: July 11, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99

Heroes for Hire in Space: Death Head & Darkhawk (Id Buy It)

I'm not sure exactly how many other people have been following along Darkhawk on his Infinity Countdown adventures but if you're asking me Id say its been a pretty good time, and one of the better tie-ins I've read, that can also stand on its own. Bowers & Sims must be fans of 90's comics, like myself, because this series certainly has a bit of that throwback feel to it, and I dig that!  Anyway enough about me lets get into this final issue of the series and see where to go from here.

Things start with Nova catching up with the fight already occurring as Darkhawk, now upgraded, takes out the Raptor ship, with Dark Starhawk/ the Raptors aboard, headed towards Earth. Dark Starhawk if you remember is a new character of sorts, a combination of Nova's brother Robbie with Raptor armor and Darkhawk's gem, which happened last issue, still with me?  All this comes to a head in space leading to a giant brawl between all parties involved.

If you happen to be a fan of Marvel's latest Cosmic resurgence you surely will get a kick out of the guest stars who aid Darkhawk along the way on this battle.  To me Death Head, once again comes in and steals the show, as he has in each issue he's appeared. There's a few other surprises besides Death Head mixed in here I don't totally want to spoil either, with this being the conclusion and all, but know that I enjoyed everything thrown at me in this title, and there was a lot.  There's some possible lasting implications here, some long time forgotten character appearances, and a surprising twist I didn't see coming to boot to wrap up the battle.

Sims and Bowers do a great job of presenting an interesting mini series here and don't waste an issue of anyone's time to deliver a great story.  The developments came quick, the implications feel lasting, and everything was delivered coherently, while dealing with some crazy concepts, which isn't exactly easy to do. I look forward to where this mini series spins off to in the future and look forward to further work from this team.

The art remained consistently great throughout this mini series never appearing rushed at any point. If I had to deliver one mini complaint it would be that panel transitions at times were confusing at a few points in this issue, which isn't a problem I had with previous efforts in this series, so I wont complain to much.  Overall I hope this team manages to get to work on Darkhawk again in the future ... if he has one.

Bits and Pieces

Overall, as a whole, the four issue mini series tie-in to Infinity Countdown, Darkhawk was one of the most enjoyable cosmic books I've read in a long time.  The events pick right up from Darkhawk #51, the Legacy one shot, and things don't calm down until the conclusion of this issue. With an art team that remained consistent throughout this is something Ill happily add to my collection and anyone who enjoys the Cosmic aspect of the Marvel Universe should do the same.


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