Thursday, August 16, 2018

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week August 15, 2018

Sometimes the Covers Pick You

These comics from DC come every week...and sometimes very weakly! Having dispensed with that Weird Science DC Comics authorized joke, let's hop into my list of five for the week! It was tough to complete the list, but I'm pleased to announce that I did it.

 Aquaman #39 variant
Joshua Middleton
Alright, it's no big reveal that Joshua Middleton is one of the greatest working artists. And this image of Mera sitting regally on the Throne of Atlantis is terrific. But there's also something very...creepy about it. I think it's the eyes, they're too made up or something. I dunno. I think also the flesh tones are too realistic and it's freaking me out. Basically, I'm scared of this picture because it's so good.

Batman #53 variant
Kaare Andrews
I love that this cover looks like a promotional image for the 1989 Batman film. It's not the same costume, but you get the idea. Other than that, it's pretty well-composed and expertly-rendered, but there's not much else to say about it.

 Batwoman #19 variant
Michael Cho
In darkest week of lame-covered books, I can always count on a Michael Cho Batwoman variant to do the job. A collection of these covers might get some play. And DC would save a couple of bucks since they can print it in two colors.

 Green Lanterns #53 variant
Chris Stevens
There's something...goopy about this that I really like. The composition is pretty standard stuff, but the coloring, and extra outlines add a weight to the image that is really enticing. Also, I really like Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz. Hate me now.

Batgirl #25
Rafael Albuquerque
Rafael's done a lot of great covers for Batgirl, and here's another one of 'em. Why doesn't he do more interiors? What's that you say? Because he rightfully charges $500 a page? Well, we take what we can get. I love the detail on her costume, and the burst of light behind her plays really well off of Barbara's cape and boots. Batgirl's back, baby! Or so this image implies.

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