Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Injustice vs Masters of the Universe #2 Review

Brawn and Brawl

Writer: Tim Seeley
Art Team: Freddie E. Williams II, Jeremy Colwell
Release Date: August 15, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99

I had an unapologetic blast with the first issue of this crossover.  Tim Seeley was able to manage and balance both the Injustice and He-Man lore into each other seamlessly without leaning too heavily either way.  Not only that but both of the worlds are currently dealing with their own threat really bringing a stakes to this series right out of the gate.  So did the creative team save any creative juices for a follow up, let find out.

The issue begins by exploring an area of Eternia called Avion which quickly finds itself under attack by Darkseid and his forces who revealed themselves at the end of last issue. From there we jump back to Earth as Batman fills He-Man in on the current inner workings, and finer points, of the Injustice universe he has been called upon to help save.

With the story now off and running act two provides a couple nice little twists this issue, I didn't expect to keep coming from the series. On Eternia, we find out quickly Darkseid and his usual crew isn't just here to destroy, but also recruit, as they're recruiting the likes of Skeletor's old minions Trap Jaw, Tri-Klops and Evil-Lyn to the cause. Meanwhile on Earth, He-Man and Orco take a stroll to soak in the sights of Earth, resulting in He-Man helping out in a couple huge ways; even getting his own All-Star Superman type moment I really really enjoyed a lot, capturing the message of a classic 80's cartoon, but with a more modern message for today. There's also a moment where Orco of all characters gets his turn at playing hero which has to make any He-Man fan smile.

The issue begins its conclusion with a call out to the old He-Man toy line, and a comment from Cyborg that got a huge chuckle out of me, making it combined almost worth the price of admission alone! I'll leave a few of the final surprises for anyone purchasing the book, but as the issue ends He-Man showcases that he's a character of both brawn and brains rolled into one. It left me very excited to continue reading what's left of this mini as Tim Seeley has a great handle on the characters involved.

Overall, issue two of Injustice vs Master of the Universe was just as enjoyable as the first to me. I trust Tim Seeley going forward to take us on a great ride so I'm strapping myself in and recommend you do the same.  The pacing, storytelling, and character moments all combine to form a great comic book that is an absolute joy to read. Having a connection to the properties has only enhanced my enjoyment thus far but doesn't feel necessary, that is something rare for a writer to pull off. I really think this is treading into the territory of extending out to people who have no connection to either property, with the background info on the series, and events you'd need to know about, seamlessly given to you in pieces throughout the book.

Freddie E. Willaims II and Jeremy Colwell continue where they also left off in issue one providing some great action pages, when called upon, while never letting the book have a dull moment on the page. Freddie E. Williams could draw all my He-Man comics forever and I'd be okay with that.

Bits and Pieces:

Injustice vs Master of the Universe continues to steal my comic book heart with issue two picking right up where issue one left off. There's action, comedy, great storytelling, and some excellent callbacks to He-Man's past, even Orco gets a little hero play. If you need a book with a little of something for everyone, at any level of comic fandom, this might be a perfect match.



  1. This book is nearly perfect. My only beef with it is they haven't explained how there are 2 Batman. One with the Resistance and one who is Brainiaced working for the regime. But other than that perfect. I've always been a person who has looked at He-man and laughed because of how stupid he looks, but that last panel of him as his new gear actually make him look like a character I can get behind.

  2. This book is my first read when it comes out and it does not disappoint! What's up with Tri-Klops' eyesight?? Not sure exactly what Orco's spell did but I will go with it.