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Throwback Thursday Reviews: Batman: The Dark Knight #23.2 - Mr. Freeze (2013)

An Ice Family Reunion

Writer: Justin Gray, Jimmy PalmiottiArtist: Jason MastersPublisher: DC ComicsRelease Date: September 11, 2013Cover Price: $3.99
This was a pretty controversial continuation of the New 52 Mr. Freeze from Scott Snyder's Batman Annual #1.  It has been kind of fixed since then...kind of... - Jim

Week two of Villain's Month and I'm starting out with a Dark Knight title.  Oh Good.  We now have the reinvented Mr. Freeze who doesn't have the sympathetic origin story, that makes us like the character so much.  So what do we have you ask?  Let's find out.

Jumping right in with a little bit of Freeze's childhood, we see that daddy Fries left his wife and son, and apparently never looked back.  Mrs. Fries goes on to promise her son that she will never leave him.  Cut to Mrs. Fries falling through the ice and becoming mentally retarded from the lack of oxygen to the brain.  Now young Victor sees this as a betrayal, and without her mind, she has left him.  

Later because of this abandonment he would put her back in that lake, where she would stay.  But the way that the cold preserved her body would give him an idea.  Cut to Wayne Enterprises where Victor is confronted about the fact that Nora isn't his wife, and that Wayne wants him out of here.  Que the scene where Victor freaks out and makes himself into a Frosty the snowman.

Now that Mr. Freeze is back in Arkham after Batman defeated him in Batman Annual #1 and we have this god awful knowledge that Nora was not his wife.  Somebody slips a newspaper article into Freeze's cell.  The article lets Mr. Freeze and us know that after his father abandoned him, he went on to have a new family.  Now Mr. Freeze is obsessed with getting to know who his new family is, and wants to write them a letter.  

The doctor in charge thinks this unwise (no kidding) but gives Mr. Freeze a crayon, and some paper to send some crazy out into the world.  Now after all power goes out in Gotham, and the doors stand wide open at Arkham, Mr. Freeze goes to find his doctor, because he has written many letters and hasn't received anything back.  We find out that the doctor was not a moron, and didn't send these letters out to terrorize an innocent family.

Now leaving Arkham, Mr. Freeze hitches a ride with a gang of cannibals on a police boat back to Gotham.  On this boat is a nurse that was always kind to Victor.  So what does he do?  Well, he's not a complete jerk off lunatic so he stops the cannibals from eating her, and freezes their heads.  Yup, sounds about right.  But Mr. Freeze now wants the nurse to help him, which she does because she doesn't like the idea of a frozen head.  

So, in the end, the nurse helps Mr. Freeze find his long-lost family, but sadly his father has already passed on.  So the only conclusion could be that Mr. Freeze takes over as the head of the household.  On the final page we see Mr. Freeze sitting down to dinner with his new mother, and two siblings, completely frozen.

Bits and Pieces:

Well, we have another Villain's Month issue come and gone, and what did we take from it?  The fact that the new Mr. Freeze still sucks.  But that's just me being an obsessive fanboy who thought the way he was fine.  For all of those out there, who wanted a new creepy Mr. Freeze I'm sure you'll like this issue a lot.  But from this reviewers standpoint, I could do without it.  But I will still judge the book on its merits and not condemn something just because I'm closed minded to change.  It really was a pretty good creepy story, and if you like issues like last week's Ventriloquist issue, I'm sure you'll enjoy this as well.   Also, let's face it.  It's better than what Dark Knight usually puts out.


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