Thursday, August 16, 2018

Top Five Fridays: Top 5 DC Animated Movies

Hello and welcome back to another Top Five Fridays where this week I will be picking my Top Five Animated Movies.  I am sure this list will not match everyone's, but that's the fun of it, right?  Right?!?!  If you are mad that something is missing, give me your list in the comments below, but remember, this is just my list and my sensibilities don't match most.  What I'm saying gentle with me!

Remember, these are my Top 5 DC Animated Original Movies and therefore, Mask of the Phantasm is not would be in the there if it was allowed so kind of consider it an honorable mention.

5. Wonder Woman

Of all these movies, this one took me the most by surprise.  I wasn't expecting much but this movie impressed me so much.  Yea, if you have seen the Wonder Woman movie with Gal Gadot, this story will feel familiar, but it came first!  Great voice acting and action make this just as good as the live action movie in my opinion and that is meant as high praise for both of them.

4. All-Star Superman

I watched this after reading the Grant Morrison's story and with how much I've been down on Superman lately, it may be time I watch it again.  Showing Superman continuing being...well, super even as he is dying is way more than just super, it's downright inspiring.  Mix that in with a huge Lex moment and maybe someone should tell a guy with the initials of BMB to watch it stat!

3. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

President Luthor?  Ok, I am in!  This movie is so fun and action-packed and has become the one on this list that my kids will still sit through.  You will seriously have so much fun just with the amount of DC characters in this movie.  Pure popcorn action movie excitement!

2. Flashpoint Paradox

When this movie came out, I was already deep in doing our site and had read the whole Flashpoint Paradox event, and watching Barry try to change things and mess them up royally put a big smile on my face.  Why?  Because this is the only movie on this list that all my kids watched with me and they loved it too!  
Seeing Thomas Wayne Batman was so good, but knowing this all created the New 52, my big jumping on point for DC comics was even better.

1. Batman: Under the Red Hood

This movie actually made me both a DC Animated fan and a Jason Todd nut.  I saw it with little knowledge of what was going on and still, I was glued to the tv set.  Afterward, I needed to know more about Red Hood and have been a fan ever since. Jensen Ackles is awesome as Jason Todd and while some nitpick because Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammil aren't Batman and Joker, Bruce Greenwood and John DiMaggio do a kickass job.  This is not only my Top DC Animated Movie but my favorite DC movie period.

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