Saturday, August 18, 2018

Gideon Falls #6 - Review

Questions and Answers

Written by Jeff Lemire 
Art by Andrea Sorrentino 
Colors by Dave Stewart 
Letters by Steve Wands 
Publisher: Image Comics 
Publication Date: 15 August 2018 

Gideon Falls. To date the finest book that Image Comics has produced in 2018? I think so. This is the final issue for a while before this book goes on a break until October. So where will the book leave us before it hits the pause button? Let's find out. 

Firstly the work from Sorrentino and Dave Stewart has been great so far, but reaches its peak in this issue. The panel work is particularly creative. As other books exhaust the 9 panel layout this book really gets interesting with lots of unusual panel shapes and arrangements. The art is so personal though and the emotions are transmitted through very sensitive portrayals of our main characters. That is supplemented here by some really out of body experiences for the characters leading to some really creative expansive designs. Great work. 

Meanwhile the story moves on considerably, but it is a journey through the inner mind of Father Fred as he goes in rescue of Sheriff Miller and makes a deal that he hopes is the correct one. There are some indications too that Fred may have been specially chosen to his post by someone aware of the secrets of Gideon Falls. Meanwhile Norton and Xu edge closer to deciding what needs to be done to make sense of developments on their end. 

Bits and Pieces:

A good closing point that leaves the reader feeling satisfied, but with a real hunger for further information in the autumn. Lemire has achieved great things on this book, but for me the credit goes just as much to Sorrentino and Stewart for their visually ambitious work. 


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